An Objective Evaluation of the Popular Gaming Site

You’re a gamer who loves a good deal. But when it comes to discounted games and gaming keys, how do you know who to trust? promises “cheap games, great deals” but are they really all they’re cracked up to be? You’ve seen some sketchy reviews out there, but want to make up your own mind. Before you hand over your hard-earned cash, it’s worth doing your homework. In this post, we’ll take an objective look at Kinguin – the good, the bad, and the ugly – so you can decide for yourself whether it’s a legit place to score cheap games or one to avoid. We’ve scoured forums, read reviews, and done our own tests so you don’t have to. Get ready for the real truth on from an unbiased perspective.

An Overview of is one of the largest key reseller marketplaces on the web. On Kinguin, individual sellers and professional merchants offer digital game keys and in-game items. As a customer, you can find some of the best deals on PC and console games by comparing prices from multiple sellers on one site.

Huge Selection

Kinguin has a massive catalog of PC and console game keys, in-game skins, gift cards and more from hundreds of sellers. You’ll find most major titles from franchises like Battlefield, Civilization, Assassin’s Creed and Fallout. No matter what platform you play on, whether it’s Steam, Origin, Uplay or Xbox, Kinguin likely has keys that will work for you.

Low Prices

One of the biggest benefits of using Kinguin is the opportunity to find steep discounts on popular games. Sellers are frequently offering promo codes and deals that can save you 10-30% or more off the normal retail price of a game. Kinguin also regularly runs site-wide promo campaigns with 5-10% off coupons for customers. By comparing listings from multiple merchants, you can find the absolute lowest price available.

Buyer Protection

While Kinguin is not officially affiliated with game publishers, they do offer buyer protection to ensure customers receive working keys and items as advertised. This includes verifying that keys have not been stolen or obtained fraudulently before allowing them to be sold on the marketplace. Kinguin also allows customers to rate and review sellers so you can choose reputable merchants with a proven track record. In the event you do receive a bad or invalid key, Kinguin’s support team will work to resolve the issue.

Overall, Kinguin aims to offer gamers an alternative way to purchase games and in-game content at lower prices. If you don’t mind buying from unofficial third-party sellers and waiting for good deals, Kinguin can be a great site to find bargains on your favorite games. Just be sure to choose reputable sellers, check reviews and use available buyer protection for the safest experience.

Evaluating the Features and Functionality of

Easy Navigation

The Kinguin website is simple to navigate, with categories clearly laid out at the top of the page. You can easily browse games by platform, genre, deals, and new releases. The search function also makes it a cinch to find a specific game. Once you select a game, you’ll see details like platforms, release date, description, screenshots, and videos to help you determine if it’s the right one for you.

Range of Games

Kinguin offers a huge range of games for PC, console, and mobile devices. They have all the latest blockbusters, indie darlings, retro classics, and everything in between. If you’re looking for a popular franchise like Civilization, Assassin’s Creed or The Sims, or a niche Japanese RPG or visual novel, chances are Kinguin will have it. The selection is especially robust for PC games, with thousands of titles available as digital downloads.

Affordable Prices

Kinguin aims to offer the lowest prices on digital game keys by allowing third-party sellers to list keys on their marketplace. This results in prices that are often significantly lower than buying from a digital retailer like Steam or Origin. While the savings can be substantial, especially if you catch a good sale, there is some risk in buying from an unofficial reseller. However, Kinguin does offer buyer protection and a money-back guarantee in case you get an invalid or duplicate key.

Convenient Payment Options

Kinguin accepts all major payment methods, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and prepaid options like Paysafecard. They aim to offer a convenient experience for customers from all over the world. One downside is that Kinguin is based in Hong Kong, so your payment details are subject to their privacy laws and not protected by regulations like GDPR. However, Kinguin claims they do not store your full payment information.

In summary, Kinguin provides an easy to use platform to find and purchase cheap digital game keys. While there are some risks to consider, many gamers find the significant cost savings worth it. If you go in with realistic expectations about unauthorized resellers, Kinguin can be a useful site for your gaming needs.

Pros and Cons of Using

Affordable Prices

Kinguin is known for offering games and software at discounted prices compared to official retailers. They are able to offer lower prices because the keys are often bought in bulk or during sales and then resold. For budget-conscious gamers, the savings can be substantial. However, there is a risk of the keys not working or being revoked later on.

Large Selection

Kinguin has a huge range of digital PC games, console games, and software available. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a good chance Kinguin will have it in their catalog. They also frequently have sales and promo codes to save even more. The massive selection means you can often find older games and software that may be hard to find elsewhere.

Questionable Source of Keys

One of the biggest downsides of Kinguin is that the source of the game keys is not always clear. While some are obtained through authorized distributors, others may come from dubious sources. There have been reports of keys purchased on Kinguin being disabled later on due to being purchased fraudulently with stolen credit cards. Although Kinguin does offer buyer protection, the uncertainty over the key source is a concern for many customers.

Lack of Support

If you experience issues with a key purchased on Kinguin, their customer support is very limited. They primarily handle disputes over non-working keys but do not provide technical support for the software or games themselves. If you need help troubleshooting or fixing problems, you’ll need to contact the game publisher or software company directly, which can be frustrating considering you did not purchase from them.

Overall, while the affordable prices and huge selection of Kinguin are appealing, the questionable source of keys and lack of support are significant downsides to consider before making a purchase. For many, the risks outweigh the rewards. But for budget-conscious gamers willing to take a chance, Kinguin can be a viable option to save money on digital PC games and software.


Well there you have it, an inside look at Kinguin. From the selection of games to the customer support, we’ve given you the rundown on the good and the not-so-good of this key player in the game key marketplace. While they have room for improvement in some areas, their prices and selection make Kinguin tough to beat for finding cheap CD keys. The site may not be perfect, but if you’re looking to build up your game library without emptying your wallet, Kinguin can be a solid option worth checking out. Just make sure to keep your expectations reasonable and use common sense to avoid issues. Approach Kinguin knowing the pros and cons and you’ll likely walk away with some smoking deals on your favorite games.