KodeKloud: Best DevOps Learning Platform?

In this KodeKloud review, I will share all the insights about the platform, courses, and features that could help you decide if is right for you.

KodeKloud is an online learning platform that primarily focuses on courses related to DevOps tools and DevOps certifications.

Let’s look at the detailed review based on my experiences with the KodeKloud platform.

Is KodeKloud For You?

You are probably asking yourself, is KodeKloud right for me?

When it comes to becoming a devops engineer, there are certain tools and technologies you should be good at. At a high level, the following are the required tools and technologies.

  1. Linux
  2. Programming and Scripting
  3. Configuration Management
  4. Infrastructure as code
  5. Monitoring
  6. Container & Container Orchestration
  7. Cloud Computing

KodeKloud helps you learn all the above-mentioned tools and technologies from scratch using easy-to-learn short videos and on-demand browser-based labs.

In the following table, I have added the key features of KodeKloud.

Feature Description
Hands-on Labs Provides real-world, practical lab environments for users to practice and learn technical skills.
Interactive Courses Offers a variety of courses in DevOps, Kubernetes, Docker, and other cloud technologies.
Scenario-based Learning Engages learners with realistic scenarios to apply their skills and knowledge effectively.
Certification Preparation Guides users through the process of preparing for the sought-after DevOps Certifications
Progress Tracking Enables users to monitor their learning progress and achievements through the platform.

In short, KodeKloud is a good choice for those visual learners seeking a DevOps learning platform, as it offers the convenience of browser-based labs, allowing you to gain hands-on experience without any complex setup.

If you are someone who likes to read and follow text-based content, KodeKloud is not for you. For example, platforms like educative.io offer only text-based content. The choice depends on the learner’s interest.

KodeKloud Pricing

KodeKloud offers three types of pricing models.

  1. KodeKloud Standard – Starts at $11.40/month
  2. KodeKloud Pro – Starts at $22.80/month
  3. KodeKloud Business – Starts at $27.08/month

All the KodeKloud subscription plans offer both monthly and yearly pricing models. If you choose a yearly subscription you can save more than 50% as compared to the monthly plans.

KodeKloud also offers free labs in every category. You can get started with KodeKloud for free without any credit card.


KodeKloud Playgrounds

KodeKloud offers online playgrounds where you can get started with various DevOps tools from the comfort of a browser.

The KodeKloud playground is part of the KodeKloud Pro subscription. With a Pro subscription, you will get access to the following playgrounds.

  1. 31 DevOps Playgrounds
  2. 3 Cloud Playgrounds.

KodeKloud Detailed Review

KodeKloud offers courses on all the above-mentioned tools and technologies.

For this review, I Will take an example of the CKA Certification course offered by KodeKloud.

KodeKloud Courses are organized in the following way.

  1. Lessons
  2. Topics
  3. Videos
  4. Demos
  5. Labs and
  6. Mock Exams (For certifications)

The videos are not just PowerPoint slides. It’s quite engaging for visual learners with animated presentations.

Here is a quick look at how the course page is structured.

Now the good part is, that every course comes with hands-on labs that you can access in the browser itself.




In the same browser tab, the lab will be ready within a few seconds. The browser-based lab is very intuitive and has the following features

  1. It has a task widow with multiple tasks, hints, and solutions.
  2. It has a terminal with the support of multiple terminal tabs.
  3. You can make the task and terminal windows full-screen individually.

Here is how the browser-based labs look like.

Kodekloud is famous for its sought-after DevOps Certification courses. Following are the best KodeKloud courses for DevOps engineers

  1. Kubernetes for absolute beginners
  2. CKA Certification Course – Certified Kubernetes Administrator
  3. CKA Mock Exams
  4. CKAD Certification Course
  5. CKS Certification Course
  6. KCNA Certification Course
  7. Terraform Associate Certification: HashiCorp Certified


In this review, I shared my views on Kodekloud.

Choosing the platform depends upon your learning requirements. Also, you don’t have to worry about making payments for premium content. If you don’t like the courses, you can use the KodeKloud refund option to get your money back.

Hope this review was helpful.