Koyfin Review – How Does This Market Dashboard Measure Up?

A solid market dashboard can be an essential part of trading. Koyfin is a free market dashboard that includes a variety of tools and features. This platform enables users to pair technical and fundamental analysis in one single window. It also includes features like market overview dashboards, charting and analysis, and a variety of data dashboards. Read our thorough review of Koyfin and see if this market dashboard is the one for you

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About Koyfin

Koyfin is a free market dashboard and financial analytics platform with a lot to offer. The platform enables you to pull up price charts for stocks, funds, bonds, currencies, and futures, as well as pair technical and fundamental analysis in a single window. Koyfin also enables you to create custom data dashboards that combine news, charts, and more. On the whole, the platform is impressively powerful and highly customizable.

In our Koyfin review, we’ll help you decide if this investment analytics platform is right for you.

Koyfin Homepage

Koyfin Pricing Options

Koyfin is free to use with up to 2 watchlists, 2 dashboards, and 2 chart templates.

A Basic plan costs $25 per month or $180 per year and unlocks 8 watchlists and dashboards as well as financial news from Reuters. The Plus plan costs $45 per month or $420 per year and offers unlimited watchlists and dashboards, plus a document search tool for financial filings. The Pro plan costs $100 per month or $840 per year and includes mutual fund data, priority support, and custom formulas.

Koyfin Features

Koyfin doesn’t have any particularly unique features, but its breadth of market coverage and the platform’s seamless interface help it stand out. The software has a huge range of financial data and analytics tools, but we’ll cover some of the overarching ways in which you can use Koyfin.


When you first log on to Koyfin, you’re presented with a series of data dashboards. The software ships with several dashboards that cover the US market, international markets, global treasury yields, and more. Of course, you also have the option to create your own custom market dashboards.

The dashboards are only moderately customizable in terms of layout, but this makes them easier to use while still leaving plenty of room for modifications. Most dashboards have two panes: a table that lists all assets in the dashboard along with columns for price, price change, moving average, and more; and a price chart that displays all assets in the dashboard. Some dashboards include additional data visualization tools, heatmaps, or color-coded performance comparisons.

Koyfin Dashboard

The table can be modified by choosing among several hundred potential data columns. You can choose between technical indicators, fundamental data, and analyst recommendations. The price charts can also be modified using any of your saved chart templates to add technical and fundamental data visualizations (more on those below).

Koyfin Dashboard Data Columns

Market Overviews

Koyfin also offers market overview dashboards, which provide a useful look at how the market is performing on any given day. The basic overview dashboard includes a chart for the major indices, price change information for major indices and US market sectors, and a news feed. The dashboard also covers asset classes like international indices, treasury yields, forex prices, and more.

Koyfin Market Overview

Interestingly, you can also dig deeper through the overview dashboards that Koyfin provides. There are similar interfaces dedicated to different US market sectors and to individual countries. Alternatively, you can use the ‘Market Scatter’ dashboard to create custom data plots. For example, you can select stocks from a major index like the S&P 500 and then create a scattergram based on a wide range of fundamental parameters.

Koyfin Market Scatter

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Charting And Analysis

Koyfin also does a very nice job with charting for individual stocks or other assets. Unlike platforms dedicated to charting and analysis, like TradingView, the selection of technical indicators available from Koyfin isn’t huge – there are only around a dozen popular studies – but Koyfin enables you to plot technical and fundamental variables in a single chart window. You can, say, plot the percent above or below analysts’ consensus estimate below the price chart or plot EBITDA and compare it to price appreciation. This is extremely useful for investors who want to identify stocks based on financial analysis, but who then want to use technical analysis to find an entry point.

Koyfin Charts

Charts come with a variety of drawing tools. With Koyfin, though, you can only look at candlestick charts, unlike other platforms, such as TrendSpider that offers candlestick charts, hollow candles, and bar charts. Another limitation is that Koyfin only supports daily and weekly bars, not intraday price charts. That said, we appreciated that you can save any combination of chart parameters as a preset for use with any chart on Koyfin in the future.

Financial Analysis

One of the best features of Koyfin is its comprehensive financial analysis module. For any stock, you can see a thorough breakdown of a company’s revenue, net income, EBITDA, and EPS on a quarterly or annual basis. If you want to dig deeper, Koyfin displays comprehensive financial statements including income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.

Helpfully, Koyfin also translates all of this financial data into ratios like P/E, P/S, and P/B, and you can see how these ratios have changed on a quarterly or annual basis (in a way that is easier to analyze than Yahoo Finance).

Koyfin Financial Analysis

Market News Feed

Koyfin also has a market news dashboard that includes stories from sources like Zacks, Investors Business Daily, Seeking Alpha, Reuters, Bloomberg, and more. The dashboard also offers a view of top market-related tweets and has a tab for upcoming economic events.

Koyfin News Feed

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Koyfin Customization And Layout

Koyfin is extremely customizable. While the dashboard and market overview panels are fixed in place, any of them can be expanded or minimized according to what you find most important. All dashboards are accessed through tabs, making it easy to use Koyfin across multiple screens.

One neat thing about Koyfin is how it handles search. The search menu enables you to use shortkeys to quickly pull up charts and other data. For example, typing ‘AAPL g’ will immediately bring up the chart page for Apple stock. This isn’t critical since Koyfin doesn’t support intraday charts, but it’s a nice touch.

As we noted above, all charts can be fully modified and saved as preset layouts. The stocks or other assets included in your dashboards are also fully customizable, which allows you to use the dashboards as watchlists.

Koyfin Platform Differentiators

Koyfin stands out as one of the best market overview platforms currently available. In addition to getting a quick look at financial markets in the US and around the world, you can access a huge variety of technical and fundamental data to explore market trends and find trading opportunities. The customizable dashboards are particularly nice because they serve as watchlists while also providing immediately available charts and news feeds.

Koyfin can feel a little bit crowded, which detracts from the platform slightly. It would be more useful for US stock traders, for example, if there were a way to hide the international stock and forex panels. However, if you create your own dashboards and stick to those, having extra built-in dashboards is hardly a major issue.

Koyfin’s free tier offers almost all the same data coverage as paid plans, so it’s a great option for the majority of users. A paid subscription may be worthwhile if you find Koyfin’s custom dashboards particularly useful, but it’s not necessary to get the majority of benefits from the platform.

What Type Of Trader Is Koyfin Best For?

Koyfin is best for medium-term traders who want to keep an eye on the broader market while also creating customized dashboards. The platform blends fundamental and technical analysis to a level that most other charting software does not, so it can also be good for traders who use a mix of both techniques to find investments. Koyfin is essentially a data portal, not an analysis service, so it’s up to you to mold the platform to your strategy and develop actionable data visualizations.


  • Very capable free version
  • Highly customizable data dashboards
  • Combines technical and fundamental analysis on charts
  • News feeds pull from reputable sources
  • Includes data for US and international stocks, treasuries, and forex


  • Interface can feel crowded at times
  • Doesn’t provide intraday price charts
  • Limited technical analysis tools

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