Honest Pabbly Connect Review: Is it Safe & Better than Others?

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Pabbly Connect is an automation tool that helps businesses in saving time and resources by automating repetitive tasks. If you want to save your pocket from expensive automation tools, Pabbly Connect is a great choice. Read our detailed review on Pabbly Connect and don’t forget to explore the Pabbly Connect lifetime deal (50% off)

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  • Pricing Model: Per Feature
  • Free trial: No
  • Free version: No
  • - "Saves me so much time and helps me keep my customers in the loop while giving me more time to focus on my orders. Also the free tasks are nice."
  • - "Thanks to Pabbly Connect I can automate everyday tedious tasks and save a lot of time. Creating a worfklow is very simple: first you choose a trigger that wil..."
  • - "The team seems pretty interested in expanding and making Pabbly great. They are listening to customers and trying to add in as much as possible."
  • - "Also, we really need a drag and drop feature to move the workflow, it will be so much easier to work with."
  • - "The platform is sometimes buggy, and executions fail. Although the team is quick to help us sort it out, the platform still needs more stability."
  • - "First, the price and the task calculating system, then the quality which is very poor compared to the other tools they are trying to "compete" with."

Pabbly Connect Review 2023: Is It the Best Automation Tool Out There?

Pabbly Connect Review 2023

Pabbly Connect Story Time: Why We Choose Pabbly Connect

As a blogger, we wanted to automate a few WordPress & Social Media auto-posting-related tasks. One of our friends suggested Pabbly Connect because pricing is our biggest concern.

Initially, we didn’t actually know how many tasks we wanted but in case our requirement increases we might go with Pabbly Connect Lifetime deal plans (started from just $249) because it is extremely affordable compared to other automation tools.

Besides affordable pricing, unlimited apps, team member options, and better task management are the additional perks we were getting here.

Combining all the benefits, we have Chosen Pabbly Connect, and we are pleased with our decision.

Words on Pabbly Connect Pricing & Task Management System

The two big reasons we have chosen Pabbly Connect are their affordable pricing and the task management system. Not just us, plenty of other people appreciate the Pabbly pricing, discount offers (mainly lifetime deals), and the way they are calculating the tasks.

Reviewing the Pabbly Connect Task Calculation System:

The automated action performed in a workflow is referred to as a task. The final amount you have to pay per automated task mainly depends on the automated tool’s task calculation process.

And because of the Pabbly Connect effective task calculation, Users can save huge money.

Why is Pabbly Connect task management more effective than others?

  • First reason: Pabbly doesn’t count triggers as tasks.
  • Second reason: Pabbly also ignores internal tasks from their task calculation.

Basically, triggers are fired when something happens in the first app. And based on that, Pabbly Connect initiates the action you configured in the second app. Some of the primary triggers you would have mostly interacted with inside Pabbly are:

  • Webhooks: Used to receive the data from any software.
  • Email Parser
  • Scheduler
  • More.

To understand the first reason, let’s have a look at the automated workflow example:

pabbly connect automated workflow example

Suppose we wanted to automatically transfer all our Google Form submissions into Google sheets and MailChimp. So we have defined a trigger (webhook). Each time someone submits the Google form, this trigger will run and send the lead to Google Sheets (Task 1) & MailChimp (Task 2).

In the above example, only 2 tasks have been counted. The trigger step would not be counted. If this automation is performed with some other tool (for example, Make.com (formerly Integromat)), the trigger step would be considered as a task, and hence the task consumption would be more.

Quick note: Pabbly Connect task consumption is low compared with other tools, leading to saving in task balance and hence money. Compared to its competitors, you can automate up to 3x more tasks in Pabbly Connect.

To understand the second reason, look at the (filter box) shown in the image below.

pabbly connect task usage example

Here in the above automated workflow, “filter” is one of the internal tasks that Pabbly Connect doesn’t count, but their competitors did. Hence, Pabbly saves more tasks and more money.

Not just filters, there are dozens of internal tasks on which Pabbly users can save their task balance. Examples: Spreadsheet formulas, Math operations, Email Parser, Data/Time formatter, Filter, and whatnot.

Internal tasks are nothing but the most common tasks users are likely to automate in their business.

pabbly connect internal tasks

Reviewing the Pabbly Connect Pricing & Plans:

Pabbly Connect is offering a massive discount on their Lifetime and monthly plans. This would be a golden opportunity for solo creators and small organizations that cannot afford expensive automation tools.

We have plans for upgrading our plan to Pabbly Connect $249 one-time plan in which we are getting 3,000 monthly tasks.

Amazing advantages of Pabbly Connect Pricing:

  • Pabbly Connect has lifetime plans. Currently, 50% discount is running on all lifetime plans.
  • Pabbly also has discounted monthly plans
  • All app integrations can be accessible regardless of the plan you opt for.
  • Free Bonuses (Worth $28,794)
  • Feature-wise, All plans are structured correctly.
  • Free internal tasks in all plans.
  • 30 days money refund policy.
pabbly connect lifetime deal free bonuses

However, there is one disadvantage here. Users can’t upgrade their tasks limit on Pabbly Connect lifetime plans. Monthly plans are always available for a top-up.

Pabbly Connect Lifetime Plans:

pabbly connect lifetime plans
Quick note: Subscribe to any of the Pabbly Connect Lifetime Plan today! The 50% discount on Pabbly Connect Lifetime Deal may vanish tomorrow.

Pabbly Connect Monthly Plans: (Up to 25% Discount Available)

pabbly connect monthly plans and discounts

If you are curious to know how much you would be able to save with Pabbly Connect monthly plans compared with other tools, have a look at this picture.

pabbly connect lifetime plans compared with other tools


Opinion on Pabbly Connect Features

Pabbly Connect nailed it in terms of features. Gladly, we haven’t felt any feature limitations inside Pabby Connect.

Pabbly Connect structured its plans in a way that users get all the features regardless of the plan they subscribed for. This is one of the rare advantages here, and you would not get it with other automation tools.

For example:

  • Pabbly offers a feature of unlimited team members in all plans, while Zapier doesn’t.
  • Pabbly Connect allows access to all applications in every plan. Zapier doesn’t.

Pabbly Connect is offering these advanced key features.

  • Webhooks: To send data from one application to others.
  • Multi-Step calls: To automate multiple actions based on a single trigger.
  • Formatters: An internal task used to format text and numbers automatically.
  • Folder Management: Automated workflows can be appropriately organized.
  • 2FA: For high-level security and protection.
  • Delay Module: To delay any action step inside the automation workflow.
  • Schedule Module: To schedule the launch of automated workflows.
  • Email Parser: To extract the data from the incoming emails and transfer it to other apps.
  • Iterator: Used to process data into numerous values one by one.
  • Filter: Allows to execute the workflow only when the set conditions are fulfilled.
  • Path Routers: Mainly used to execute multiple actions based on the trigger event.
  • API Module: Used to connect 1000’s applications that aren’t integrated with Pabbly by default.

The only demanding features Pabbly Connect don’t have right now are – Send Emails & Send SMS.

Review of Pabbly Connect User Interface, Setup & Working

Shifting to a new tool always creates a hesitation of a learning curve in mind. This happened to us too. But Pabbly Connect won our hearts. It took us hardly half an hour to go through the entire automation tool. Even non-experienced people are able to launch their automated workflows within the hour.

Words on Pabbly Connect UI:

The Pabbly Connect cleaned user interface, attached tooltips, and detailed instructions draw our attention.

That’s the dashboard UI where the count of tasks and workflows are mentioned. The folders tab mentioned at the left can be utilized in organizing workflows.

pabbly connect dashboard user interface

Video tutorials regarding the app integration always are closer to you:

automation tutorial can be found within the pabbly connect user interface

Not just a video tutorial, detailed instructions to set up triggers and actions are also described.

detailed instructions to setup triggers mentioned in pabbly connect user interface

Tooltips: Any option bothering you? Well, just hover on it, and you will get the meaning.

tooltips attached all over in pabbly connect user interface

Workflow Cloning is also possible with just a single click. Saves a lot of time.

workflow cloning is possible in pabbly connect

The Pabbly Connect Working:

Creating automated workflows on Pabbly Connect is extremely easy. You just have to tap the “Create Workflow” button on the dashboard. Then define a trigger for the first app. And finally, specify the action to happen on the second (or more) apps based on the trigger.

create workflow button in pabbly connect
pabbly connect example working

Non-active workflow cannot be saved as a draft. – The only disadvantage we personally feel about Pabbly Connect’s working process.

Views on Pabbly Connect Customer Support

We must say Pabbly customer support agents are highly interactive. Not just before sales, they maintained the same rapid response rate even after users enrolled in their software.

We connected with the Pabbly Support team several times to clarify some pointers regarding the Pabbly Connect lifetime deal. We felt there was no need for live chat. They always replied much faster than we expected.

Here is the screenshot of the conversion we had with the Pabbly Team:

screenshot of the conversion we had with the pabbly team

Overall, three support options can be seen inside Pabbly Connect:

  • Email support (6 days a week – 10 AM to 6 PM – Sundays off)
  • Pabbly forum community to ask questions and discussions
  • Free video tutorials (available on YouTube as well as inside the Pabbly Connect interface)
pabbly support options

Pabbly Connect Integrations: Do Pabbly Have Enough APP Integrations?

Another hesitation we had in our mind while finalizing the automation tool is about app integrations. But guess what? Pabbly Connect nailed it here too. Integrations of over 1000+ widely used apps categorized into CRM, Marketing, eCommerce, Helpdesk, Collaborations, Web Forms, SMM, etc., are available inside the Pabbly.

pabbly connect supported apps integrations

1000+ popular apps (including AppSumo apps) integrations and plenty of actions to choose – are enough to run a business on complete automation.

Quick note: Don’t invest in Pabbly Connect before finding out what actions can be automated between the apps you want to connect with each other.

To find out about your desired app, simply head over to the Pabbly Connect integrations page, then search for the first application.

head over to the Pabbly Connect integrations page, then search for the first application

After that, search for the second app you wish to integrate with the first one.

search for the second app you wish to integrate with first one

Once you tap on the second app, the new tab will open up in your browser, where you can find out the available triggers and actions between the chosen apps. Plus, Pabbly Connect also suggested situations (use cases) where both applications can be automated.

pabbly connect suggested situations where two apps can be automated
pabbly connect shows the available triggers and actions between two apps integrations

So this is the way you can find out what automation possibilities are available between the apps you wish to integrate.

If you haven’t found the desired app, navigate to the Pabbly Roadmap page and request for the app. Customer satisfaction is always the Pabbly team’s first priority, and they will quickly take action on your request.

Quick note: New features & app integrations are added almost daily.
pabbly connet roadmap page

Views of Other Customers on Pabbly Connect

Obviously, our one review is not enough to decide on the Pabbly Connect. Well, let’s see what other customers are saying about Pabbly Connect.

On Capterra:

pabbly connect reviews on capterra

Lots of verified customers admiring Pabbly Connect on Capterra. You don’t have to go through all the Pabbly Connect reviews. Here is the summary below.

Plus Points:

  • People said the Pabbly team is very responsive and takes action quickly on every customer request.
  • They appreciate the Pabbly Connect affordable pricing (specially Pabbly Connect lifetime deal)
  • They admire Pabbly’s task management system.
  • Nobody complained about the Pabbly Connect interface, working, and setup.
  • Unbeatable affordable pricing benefits and better plan structure (features-wise) are why most people preferred Pabbly Connect.

Negative Points:

  • The only frequent complaints from other customers are about live chat support and the lack of a few app integrations. But as we mentioned, users should have checked the app integrations list before signing up for Pabbly Connect.

Pabbly Connect Testimonials:

pabbly connect testimonials

List of Pabbly Connect Pros & Cons

Pabbly Connect Advantages:

  • Supported widely used apps: Slack, Google Sheet, Gmail, WooCommerce, Facebook, Instagram, MailChimp, Zoom, PayPal, Stripe, etc.
  • Offering remarkably low-priced discounted plans in the market.
  • The biggest advantage – One-time plans – No recurring fees. The Pabbly Connect lifetime deal (50% off) is still running.
  • Risk-free monthly plans are always there.
  • Users can access 1000+ apps in all plans.
  • Features are perfectly structured in all plans.
  • Workflows can be cloned.
  • A forever-free plan is available.
  • 50% saving in tasks and money because Pabbly Connect doesn’t charge for internal tasks
  • Features are enough for running smooth automation operations.
  • No technical knowledge or additional help is required to run workflows.
  • Video tutorials can be accessible within the dashboard.
  • 100% refund policy.

Pabbly Connect Cons: What Could be Improved?

  • Not an app integration king.
  • 24*7 live chat support should be included.

FAQs About Pabbly Connect

What is Pabbly Connect?

Pabbly Connect is a platform for connecting and sending data across different apps in real-time. It works on the trigger-action approach.

Are there any alternatives to Pabbly Connect?

Zapier is the most considerable alternative to Pabbly Connect. Zapier is ahead of Pabbly Connect only in a number of integrations. However, the Zapier pricing might burn a hole in your pocket.

How does Pabbly Connect work?

Pabbly Connect works on a Trigger & Action basis. If an event happened in the first app (trigger executes), perform a defined action in the second app.

Does Pabbly Connect have bugs?

We haven’t noticed a single bug and issues like execution fail in Pabbly Connect.

Is Pabbly Connect offer a free plan?

Yes. The forever free plan is available where users get 100 free monthly tasks.

When is the Pabbly Connect lifetime deal going to expire?

The Pabbly team doesn’t disclose the expiration deal. Hence grab it as soon as possible.

How much does pabbly connect cost?

Pabbly Connect plans starting from just $249 (one time). You can also try their free forever plan before investing in the premium version.

Is Pabbly Connect Safe?

As per our experience & 100’s of pabbly reviews, we haven’t found any user who has issues with Pabbly Connect regarding security, data breaching & leaking, etc. Pabbly Connect is totally safe, and you can always review its privacy policy before signing up.


Verdict on Pabbly Connect: Is Pabbly Connect worth it

Is Pabbly Connect good? Is Pabbly Connect reliable? Well, the answer is a BIG YES!

This is what we analyzed after using Pabbly Connect. We haven’t encountered any major issues with this automation tool.

Pabbly Connect is worth it for all-sized companies. It has integrated with popular apps that Social media marketers, Consultants, Accountants, Marketers, and Content Creators use daily.

The advanced features, simple to set up, plus the advantage of better task management & low pricing make Pabbly Connect – The best-growing automation tool.

What next? Signup for Pabbly Connect and see how it can change the way you are doing business.

So what are your thoughts on the Pabbly review? Did you find it helpful? Share your views through the comment section.