An Objective Review of Sendible Social Media Marketing Software

As a business owner focused on effective social media marketing, you need tools that simplify your efforts and provide valuable insights. Sendible offers an all-in-one social media management platform to streamline your workflow. In this 100-word review, we will explore Sendible’s key features to help you determine if it can support your marketing goals. Analyzing its content scheduling, engagement, and analytics capabilities from an objective viewpoint, we aim to provide the details you need to evaluate if Sendible is the right solution for your business. While no tool is perfect for every marketer, this review presents a balanced perspective on Sendible’s strengths and limitations. Our goal is to equip you with an informed recommendation as you search for an optimal social media software.

Overview of Sendible Social Media Marketing Software

Comprehensive Social Media Management

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Sendible allows you to manage all your social media profiles in one place. You can connect platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube to Sendible and schedule posts, engage with followers, monitor conversations, and analyze performance data across networks.

Content Curation and Scheduling

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The content calendar in Sendible makes it easy to plan and schedule social media posts in advance. You can upload images and videos, write captions and posts, and schedule them to go live at the optimal times for each network. Sendible also allows you to re-share evergreen content and recycle posts.

Analytics and Reporting

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Sendible provides in-depth analytics on all your connected social media profiles. You can see vital metrics like post engagements, impressions, reach, and click-through rates to determine what content resonates most with your followers. Sendible generates reports that give you insights into how your social media marketing efforts are paying off.

Team Collaboration

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Sendible has built-in tools for collaboration that allow multiple users to work on the same social media profiles. You can assign posts, comments, and entire profiles to specific team members. Sendible also makes it possible to set user permissions to control what each person can access. Robust collaboration features like these enable efficient teamwork and productivity.

Customer Support

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Sendible aims to provide the best customer experience possible. They offer helpful resources like video tutorials, webinars, and a knowledge base with answers to common questions. The Sendible support team is also available to provide personalized assistance via live chat, email, and phone. With a variety of support options, you can quickly get the help you need to make the most of Sendible.

Sendible packs a wealth of features into one comprehensive social media management platform. For any brand looking to streamline their social media marketing, Sendible is worth considering. With a fully-featured free trial available, you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

Sendible’s Key Features and Tools

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Comprehensive Social Media Management

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Sendible allows you to manage all your social media profiles from one dashboard. You can connect platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, and post to them simultaneously. Sendible also provides analytics for each network so you can easily see how your posts are performing.

Content Curation and Scheduling

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The software makes it simple to find and share content on social media. You can search for trending topics, hashtags, and news to curate content from. Sendible has a built-in content library with free images and gifs to include in your posts. You can schedule posts in advance and Sendible will automatically publish them for you at the best times for your audience.

Inbox and Engagement

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With Sendible, you get a unified inbox for messages and notifications across all connected social networks. You can quickly respond to comments, messages, and reviews. The tool also allows you to monitor engagements like likes, comments, and shares. Sendible’s smart engagement features can automatically like, follow or comment on posts from people who engage with your social media profiles.

Team Collaboration

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For businesses, Sendible has useful features for collaborating with your team. You can create unlimited users, assign social media profiles to specific team members, and set user permissions. Team members can schedule and publish posts, engage with audiences, and monitor analytics. Team collaboration in Sendible streamlines your social media marketing efforts.

Integrations and API

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Sendible offers integrations with many popular digital marketing tools like Hootsuite, Zapier, and Buzzsumo. The Sendible API allows you to connect with other software solutions. Integrations and API access provide more advanced automation and in-depth analytics for your social media marketing campaigns.

In summary, Sendible is a full-featured social media management platform for individuals, agencies, and brands. With a comprehensive set of tools and an easy to use interface, Sendible can help you efficiently manage your social media profiles, engage your audiences, and gain valuable insights into the performance of your social media efforts.

Sendible Pricing and Plans

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Sendible offers three main subscription plans: Basic, Professional, and Agency. Pricing starts at $29 per month for the Basic plan, which includes features such as unlimited social profiles, content curation tools, and basic reporting. The mid-tier Professional plan starts at $79 per month and adds team collaboration features, advanced analytics, and white label reporting. For larger social media agencies and teams, the Agency plan starts at $199 per month and includes features such as sub-client management, custom branding, and API access.

Basic Plan

The Basic plan is ideal for solopreneurs and small teams getting started with social media management. For $29 per month, you get access to core features like content curation, publishing, and basic metrics. You can connect an unlimited number of social profiles and schedule up to 50 posts per social network per day. The Basic plan is a great option if you want an affordable yet full-featured social media management tool.

Professional Plan

For $79 per month, the Professional plan adds collaboration features, saved content libraries, and white label reporting. It supports up to 10 users and 150 scheduled posts per day. The Professional plan is a good choice for established agencies and in-house social media teams. Additional users can be added for $10 per month.

Agency Plan

Sendible’s Agency plan delivers advanced features for $199 per month. It includes sub-client management, custom branding, and API access. The Agency plan supports up to 25 users and 500 scheduled posts per day. It is designed for large social media agencies that manage high-volume social media programs across multiple brands and clients. Extra users are $20 per month.

In summary, Sendible offers flexible and scalable plans for solopreneurs, agencies, and enterprise brands. Pricing starts at an affordable $29 per month for the Basic plan and goes up to $199 per month for the full-featured Agency plan. Overall, Sendible represents an excellent value for the wide range of capabilities it provides at each pricing tier.

Pros and Cons of Using Sendible

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Ease of Use

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Sendible’s straightforward interface makes it relatively easy to navigate and use, even for beginners. The dashboard clearly lays out the main features, and you can quickly post to networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. However, some users may find the interface overly simplistic and lacking in customization options.

Scheduling and Automation

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Sendible offers useful tools for scheduling social media posts in advance and automating some tasks. You can schedule posts for the optimal times on each network and reuse content by repurposing it across channels. The automation features can save time by handling routine posting and engagement. That said, the automation options are fairly limited; you cannot automate highly customized or complex posts.

Reporting and Analytics

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Sendible provides basic analytics and reporting to help you understand how your social media efforts are performing. The reports offer insights into metrics like post reach, engagement, and referrals. However, the analytics capabilities are fairly rudimentary. The reports lack in-depth insights and customization. For businesses focused on data-driven marketing, the analytics may not provide enough actionable information.


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Sendible offers relatively affordable pricing plans for small businesses. However, the costs can add up for large or fast-growing companies, especially given the limited advanced features. The paid plans also charge extra for access to certain integrations and networks. Compared to other full-featured social media management tools, Sendible may not provide the best value for the investment.

Customer Support

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Sendible is known for providing responsive, helpful customer support. They offer support options like live chat, phone, email, and an online knowledge base. However, support is only available on weekdays during business hours. Users needing assistance during off hours or weekends will have to wait for a response.

In summary, while Sendible can be easy to use and provides useful automation and scheduling features, the tool has significant limitations. The simplistic interface, basic analytics, limited integrations, and higher costs for large businesses are downsides to consider before choosing Sendible for your social media management needs. For some, an alternative with more advanced capabilities may be a better long-term solution.

FAQs About Sendible: Your Top Questions Answered

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What is Sendible and how does it work?

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Sendible is a social media management software used by businesses to efficiently manage their social networks. The tool allows you to connect multiple social profiles, schedule posts in advance, monitor engagement, and analyze the performance of your posts across networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

How much does Sendible cost?

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Sendible offers four pricing plans ranging from $29 to $299 per month. The plans differ based on the number of social profiles and users, scheduling capabilities, analytics features, and customer support options. Sendible’s affordable entry-level plan starts at $29/month for up to 10 social profiles, 1 user, and basic scheduling and analytics. The Agency plan at $299/month provides access for up to 200 social profiles, 10 users, and more advanced features. Sendible offers annual plans with discounts up to 25% off the monthly price. They also provide custom enterprise solutions for large businesses.

Is there a free trial?

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Yes, Sendible offers a 14-day free trial with full access to all features. No credit card is required to sign up for the trial. The free trial is a great way to explore Sendible’s platform and determine if it meets your social media management needs before purchasing a paid subscription.

What features does Sendible offer?

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Sendible provides a robust set of features for managing your social media profiles and measuring the impact of your social media efforts. Some of the key features include:

  • Connect and manage multiple social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram)
  • Schedule posts, photos, and social updates in advance
  • Engage with your followers by monitoring mentions, hashtags, and replies
  • Analyze post performance, follower growth, engagement rates, and more with interactive reports and dashboards
  • Collaborate with team members by assigning social profiles and sharing scheduled posts
  • Save time using Sendible’s content library, post recycling, and auto-posting features
  • Stay up-to-date with Sendible’s social media newsfeed and industry insights

In summary, Sendible aims to be an all-in-one social media management solution for businesses. With its affordable plans, free trial, and robust features, Sendible is worth considering if you want a tool to help streamline your social media marketing efforts.


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As you have seen in this objective review, Sendible offers a comprehensive suite of social media management tools to help streamline your efforts. With its user-friendly interface, robust analytics, and automation features, Sendible aims to save you time while still enabling granular posting options. Whether you are an individual blogger, small business owner, or enterprise marketer, Sendible provides flexible plans to meet your budget and needs. While no platform is perfect, Sendible continues to evolve by listening to customer feedback. Before committing, be sure to take advantage of the free trial period to evaluate if Sendible is the right fit for your social media marketing goals. With an informed decision and some hands-on experience, you can determine if this platform provides the right balance of automation and customization to make your social media efforts more efficient and effective.