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What is SentryPC?

SentryPC is a best of employee monitoring software and cloud-based system to easily managing all computers in organization and employees team activities from anywhere at anytime. That is normal deployed to business networking and easy central log viewing via central networked.

Computer Monitoring & Control Software | SentryPC

SentryPC is one of top-rated software solutions for businesses looking for a secure environment that gives them the control they need to manage their digital content. With its advanced features, SentryPC makes it easy to monitor online activity while reporting detailed insights about user behavior. This helps business owners make informed decisions about user access to ensure everyone’s safety

Who is using SentryPC?

SentryPC is being used in homes, businesses, schools, and many others where activity monitoring, filtering, and scheduling of computer and mobile users is needed.

In Business

Employee monitoring

Gain full visibility and control over your employees’ computer and mobile activities — secure your data and increase overall productivity.

Stop worrying and start managing their usage

Employee Monitoring Software | SentryPC

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Why does your business need SentryPC?

These are just a few of the many ways SentryPC can improve your business and overall operation!

Increase Productivity

SentryPC will increase employee productivity — saving you money while more work is completed.

Increased productivity: SentryPC will increase employee productivity — saving you money while more work is completed.

Secure Data Assets: Ensure confidential data and company information is not leaked to outside parties and competitors.

Employee Investigation: Conduct employee investigations by reviewing and monitoring computer and Internet usage.

Conduct employee investigations by reviewing and monitoring computer and Internet usag

SentryPC shows you exactly how your employees are using the device and Internet in full detail allowing you to identify and resolve issues before they become problems.  Block access to social media, news, stock, and other websites.

Block access to applications, games, and specific keywords.  Knowing how your employees use their devices allows you to eliminate inappropriate usage and other time wasting activities.

Manage your employees’ activities anywhere at anytime

Easily manage all the devices in your organization, and your employees, from one central location. Your web-based account is accessible from any internet-enabled device giving you access at any time no matter where you may be. With SentryPC’s real-time operation you can view activities as they happen as well as change settings instantly.

At School

Manage your students

At school or on the move, SentryPC helps you protect, understand, and supervise your students’ device and Internet activity.

How can SentryPC help your school?

School Monitoring Software | SentryPC

Protect your students from today’s dangers while ensuring productive study habits.

Cyber bullying: Become aware of your students’ social interactions online and prevent cyber bullying in its tracks.

Harmful content: Filter what they can and can’t do on the device — eliminate inappropriate content from being accessed.

Study habits: Ensure productive study habits by setting filtering and scheduling rules limiting their access to what you wish

Supervise your students’ device usage

Many schools today are incorporating computers, laptops, and tablets into their classroom experience — some even providing them for students to take home.

With SentryPC installed you can eliminate questionable activities and enforce rules ensuring they are being used in a proper manner — for homework, research, studies, and so on.  You control what your students can and cannot do on the device along with detailed activity reports you can view at any time.

Activity Monitoring

Review your students’ device & Internet activity — everything they do is recorded in full detail for you to view later

Time Management

Schedule what hours of each day they can use the device — set daily and weekly total usage limits for each student.

Manage your students’ activities anywhere at anytime

Easily manage your students’ device and Internet usage no matter where you, or they, are.  SentryPC will work with devices in the classroom or ‘take home’ laptops and tablets provided to your students.

Your web-based online account is accessible from any internet-enabled device so you can view activity logs and change settings whenever you wish

At home

Protect your children

SentryPC is used by parents worldwide for monitoring, filtering, and controlling the computer & mobile activity of their children.

How can SentryPC protect your family?

Cyber Bullying: Become aware of your children’s social interactions online and prevent cyber bullying in its tracks.

Harmful content: Filter what they can and can’t do on the device — eliminate inappropriate content from being accessed.

Online predators: Protect your children from predators trying to gain personal information and interaction with your children.

Put your mind at ease knowing exactly how your children use their computer, phone, or tablet in full detail.  See what applications they use, who they talk to, what websites they visit, and much more.

Virtually every activity performed on the device is recorded for later viewing.  Eliminate questionable activities through extensive content filtering rules and enforce usage limits with SentryPC’s time management features.

You control what your children can do and when they can do it with detailed logs of all their activities.

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 Manage your children’s activities anywhere at anytime

Easily manage your children’s computer, phone, and tablet usage no matter where you are.  Your web-based account is accessible from any internet-enabled device be that a computer, phone, tablet, or other so you always have access — from home, work, or even the other side of the world.

Key Features of Sentry PC:

  1. Activity Monitoring:
    • SentryPC monitors and logs a variety of user activities, including applications used, websites visited, files accessed, and keystrokes. This comprehensive tracking helps in understanding digital behavior.
  2. Real-Time Screenshots:
    • The software captures real-time screenshots at defined intervals, providing administrators with visual insights into what users are doing on their computers.
  3. Application Usage Tracking:
    • SentryPC records the usage patterns of different applications, helping organizations understand how time is spent on specific tasks or software.
  4. Web Filtering:
    • The platform includes content filtering tools that allow administrators to block access to specific websites or types of content deemed inappropriate or non-work-related.
  5. Application Blocking:
    • Administrators can control and restrict access to specific applications, preventing users from launching certain software during work hours.
  6. Time Management:
    • SentryPC enables administrators to set specific time limits for the use of applications or the computer itself. This feature helps in managing and optimizing work hours.
  7. Real-Time Alerts:
    • The software provides real-time alerts for specific user activities or events, allowing administrators to promptly address any security or policy violations.
  8. Remote Monitoring:
    • For businesses with remote teams, SentryPC offers remote monitoring capabilities. Administrators can access reports and monitor activities from a centralized location.
  9. Stealth Mode:
    • SentryPC operates in stealth mode, ensuring that users are unaware of its presence. This covert functionality is crucial for maintaining the integrity of monitoring processes.
  10. Reports and Analytics:
    • The platform generates detailed reports and analytics based on user activities, providing insights that can be used for performance evaluations or policy adjustments.
  11. Privacy Controls:
    • SentryPC allows administrators to configure privacy settings, balancing the need for monitoring with respect for user privacy. This includes the ability to exclude specific applications or websites from monitoring.
  12. Customizable Policies:
    • Organizations can tailor monitoring and control policies to align with their specific needs and industry regulations.
  13. Ease of Use:
    • The user-friendly interface and straightforward setup make SentryPC accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise.
  14. Security Enhancement:
    • The platform contributes to digital security by preventing unauthorized access and monitoring potential security threats.
  15. File and Document Tracking:
    • SentryPC can track file and document usage, providing insights into which files are accessed and modified by users.

It’s important to note that while SentryPC offers powerful monitoring features, organizations implementing such tools should establish transparent policies, communicate clearly with users, and adhere to privacy considerations.

Benefits of SentryPC:

Enhanced Productivity: By monitoring and controlling computer activities, SentryPC helps businesses and individuals increase productivity by minimizing distractions and ensuring that work-related tasks are prioritized.

Data Security: SentryPC’s monitoring capabilities help protect sensitive data by identifying potential security breaches or unauthorized access. It provides an added layer of security against data leaks and insider threats.

Customization and Flexibility: The software offers a range of customizable features, allowing users to tailor monitoring and filtering rules to meet their specific needs. This customization ensures that the software adapts to the unique requirements of different users or organizations.


Drawbacks of SentryPC:

Limited Compatibility: SentryPC is primarily designed for Windows operating systems, which means it may not be suitable for users who prefer other platforms such as macOS or Linux.

Learning Curve: While SentryPC offers a user-friendly interface, some users may require time to become familiar with all the features and settings. However, the company provides comprehensive documentation and support to assist users in navigating the software.

SentryPC Pricing and Affordability

Looking to monitor computer activity but worried about the price tag? SentryPC might just have the right plan for you. With a range of options tailored to fit different needs and wallets, you can pick the one that’s just right. Here’s a peek at what they offer:

SentryPC Plans – A Quick Overview

  • Basic: For $69.95 a year, one license and storage for up to 500 screenshots are yours. Need more? Each additional license is $29.95 per year.
  • Business 50: At $1,495.00 per year, you get 50 licenses and storage for up to 500 screenshots. Extra licenses? $29.90 each.
  • Business 100: This one’s $2,495.00 a year for 100 licenses and storage for 1,000 screenshots. Additional licenses are $24.95.
  • Business 250: This jumps to $4,995.00 a year for 250 licenses, 1,000 screenshots, and additional licenses at $19.98.
  • Business 500: Need more? $7,495.00 a year gives you 500 licenses, 2,000 screenshots, and extra licenses at $14.99.
  • Business 1,000: The big one. $9,995.00 per year for 1,000 licenses, 2,000 screenshots, and more licenses at just $9.99.

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Need More Screenshots? Any SentryPC plan lets you add 500 extra screenshots for a one-time fee of $29.95. And you’ll have that extra capacity for your whole subscription.

What’s Included? All these plans come packed with unlimited monitoring, keystroke tracking, and website and application blocking. And if you’re eyeing the Business, Professional, or Corporate levels, you’ll also get extras like remote deployment, file tracking, and email alerts.

Pros and Cons of SentryPC


  • Affordable pricing plans with no feature restrictions
  • Extensive monitoring capabilities, including activity tracking and content filtering
  • Keystroke logging and screenshot recording for detailed employee monitoring
  • Time tracking and user activity features for effective resource management
  • Comprehensive reporting features for data-driven decision-making
  • Easy-to-use dashboard with real-time activity alerts
  • Compatibility with Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Simple installation process with automatic software updates


  • Inconsistent performance in recording activities, especially when switching between applications or documents
  • Overwhelming amount of data in the dashboard, making it challenging to find specific information
  • Limited customer support beyond basic technical guidance

SentryPC offers a comprehensive and reliable monitoring solution for businesses and individuals seeking to enhance productivity and ensure data security. With its extensive range of features, including activity monitoring, website filtering, time management, and remote access, SentryPC provides users with the tools they need to monitor and control computer activities effectively.

While it offers an intuitive dashboard and responsive customer support, it may experience occasional inconsistencies in recording activities and can be overwhelming to navigate due to the abundance of data. However, considering its affordability and extensive set of features, SentryPC remains a reliable choice for businesses looking to enhance productivity and security in the workplace.

Overall, SentryPC is an excellent solution for businesses looking for a secure environment that gives them the control they need to manage their digital content. With its advanced security features and intuitive dashboard, it’s easy to see why SentryPC is quickly becoming one of the most popular security software solutions available. Whether you’re looking for basic or advanced security features, you can trust that SentryPC will provide the protection your business needs to stay safe online. With its budget-friendly pricing, it’s no wonder why so many businesses are turning to SentryPC as their choice for digital security. With its easy to use dashboard, businesses can stay on top of their online security with real-time updates and detailed reports. SentryPC is the perfect solution for those looking for a secure environment without sacrificing quality or features. Give it a try today and see how SentryPC can help your business stay safe online!