Spotahome review 2023

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Looking for and renting out a property can be difficult, especially in a big city where you are constantly outnumbered by the continually growing property market. Spotahome is a platform which allows you to either search for your ideal property or rent your property to others online. Properties are located in ideal city locations, perfect for studentsexpats and professionals, allowing you to browse or rent out properties in places like Madrid, Barcelona, London, and Paris. But before you start planning your new house party, check out our customer reviews so you can be sure that this is the right site for you.

About Spotahome

Spotahome first started in 2014. It is a mid- to long-term online booking platform for home rentals. It follows a similar business model to online holiday rentals, but instead of renting or renting out properties for a vacation period, they focus on finding customers a home for 30 days or longer. The online experience removes the need for in-person viewings, saving both tenants and landlords time and expense. Instead, they take professional photos, design floor plans and record high-definition videos of the property and neighbourhood. The platform also eliminates communication and language barriers between local landlords and foreign tenants, aiming to make the moving process as efficient as possible.

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Services of Spotahome

Spotahome provides over 40 000 properties, operating in 36 cities. Users simply have to search for their property using the virtual tours provided by Spotahome, reserve the property – Spotahome will block the property until the landlord responds to your request, and once the landlord accepts, your payment method will automatically be charged. Spotahome will then put you in contact with the landlord via email in order to arrange move-in times, key collection and transfer of any documentation requested by the landlord. They also provide a translation service if the landlord and tenant are unable to communicate. They guarantee fraud protection, hotel fees in case of last minute cancellation and will not hide any part of a property in their images and videos. If you’re a landlord, Spotahome guarantee an unpaid rent service – if a tenant leaves without paying the rent, they will cover one month’s rent until a new tenant is found. They also guarantee the cost of repairs if a tenant damages a property. Users can keep up to date with the Spotahome service via their InstagramFacebook page, Twitter and for more virtual property tours – their YouTube.

Complaints, Compliments and Tips for Spotahome

Perhaps you have already used the services of Spotahome. If so, we’d love it if you could tell us about your experience with them by leaving a review. How was their customer service? Did you find it more efficient browsing online than say, if you had chosen to go and visit properties in person? Would you recommend their service to a friend? Let us know whether you had a positive or negative experience, and any improvements you thought could have been made. Not only does your review benefit our understanding of the services provided by Spotahome, but also helps customers who are looking into finding a property on their site decide whether Spotahome is what they’re looking for.

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