Rocket Lawyer Review

With over 20 million clients under its belt, Rocket Lawyer is one of the most prominent firms in the business services industry. It offers a subscription to legal services for $39.99/month that includes free incorporation, attorney consultations, and other features. Clients turn to this experienced provider when they need advanced legal support for a fraction of the cost.

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Enabling Access to Legal Assistance for All Since 2008

Ensuring accessible and cost-effective access to legal services for all is our core belief,” states Charley Moore, the founder and CEO of Rocket Lawyer. Established in 2008, the company has transformed the legal landscape by democratizing attorney advice, making it available to everyone. Since 2012, it has been active in the UK market and, in 2016, expanded to continental Europe, evolving into a global provider of self-help legal services.

By combining complimentary legal information and documents with a network of licensed attorneys accessible through a low monthly subscription fee, Rocket Lawyer simplifies intricate legal matters and mitigates the burden of high hourly rates. A trial period for the Rocket Lawyer subscription is available before full enrollment. With the premium membership, clients gain entry to reliable legal forms, attorney consultations, incorporation services, registered agent assistance, and more, either at no cost or at discounted Rocket Lawyer rates.

The company extends a multitude of services for small businesses, ranging from business commencement and various filing procedures to corporate adherence and tailored legal guidance. Although renowned as a self-service platform for legal documents, Rocket Lawyer also stands as a formidable player in the business establishment sector. It provides assistance with the filing process for LLCs, S-Corporations, C-Corporations, and non-profit organizations.

A Comprehensive Hub for Incorporation and Cost-Efficient Legal Aid

Rocket Lawyer reviews reveal a departure from traditional incorporation service models. Instead, it is acclaimed as a top online provider of legal document creation services, coupled with ongoing legal support available through an affordable monthly subscription. The firm further facilitates a variety of filing requirements that can be obtained separately or as a part of the premium subscription package. The company’s hallmark is its network of specialized attorneys who offer personalized legal advice at rates lower than the industry norm. This analysis of Rocket Lawyer encompasses all its offerings.


Business Formation Offerings

Rocket Lawyer is adept at aiding the establishment of diverse entity types, encompassing LLCs, S-corporations, C-corporations, and non-profit organizations. These filing services can be individually procured at a cost of $99.99, a comparatively high expense considering that counterparts such as IncFile provide business formation services for free.

Rocket Lawyer’s premium members, however, receive the advantage of one complimentary business formation upon subscribing to the $39.99/month plan. Additionally, members enjoy a 25% discount on subsequent formation filings, though this remains costlier than competitors. Notably, the premium package does not entail additional attributes beyond filing and document management. As per Rocket Lawyer reviews, the company manages all facets of business formation, from name searches to state submissions and document dispatch.


Registered Agent Assistance

A registered agent is an imperative requirement for any business, serving as the official point of contact with legal institutions and the state, while safeguarding personal addresses from public records and undesirable correspondences. Rocket Lawyer’s registered agent service is priced at $149/year, a relatively non-competitive rate when juxtaposed with some alternatives charging $99/year for similar provisions. Premium members benefit from a 25% reduction, a price point aligned with industry norms.


EIN Registration

Securing a Tax ID number is vital for businesses to conduct essential operational activities. Rocket Lawyer proposes to manage this procedure for $59.99, subject to the condition that the entity incorporation is conducted through them. An evaluation of EIN costs reveals that MyCompanyWorks offers the most economical rate on the market at $49.


LLC/Corporate Kit and Seal

Certain enterprises prefer storing documents in a secure physical setting, showcasing a professional image on official papers through personalized corporate kits and seals. Researching alternatives for this Rocket Lawyer review affirms that the company’s pricing aligns with average market standards. A standalone corporate seal is priced at $59.99, while a customized package encompassing stock certificates, a matching clip-case embossed company binder, a personalized corporate seal, and sample business forms is available at $99.


Online Legal Document Library

Similar to its prominent competitor LegalZoom, Rocket Lawyer also offers an extensive library of legal documents that can be tailored to individual state and circumstances. This process entails a sequence of queries related to the document’s nature, with two payment options upon completion. Individuals can opt for the seven-day Rocket Lawyer free trial to explore the subscription plan, obtaining their document for free, or pay $5 for a comprehensive trial experience. Subsequent to the trial, a charge of $39.99/month for the premium Rocket Lawyer membership ensues, which can be cancelled at any time.

The premium plan facilitates unrestricted access to a myriad of legal documents, available for sharing, downloading, or printing upon request. This online legal document generator furnishes an array of business forms, contracts, real estate documents, as well as personal and family-related documents. For standalone document procurement outside the subscription, Rocket Lawyer charges a flat fee of $39.99 per document. It’s pertinent to note that newcomers are compelled to engage in the Rocket Lawyer free trial subscription to acquire desired documents, as this marks the path to obtaining the document, and automatic billing ensues if cancellation does not occur within the seven-day trial period.

Rocket Lawyer is equipped to provide an assortment of documents, including but not limited to:

  • LLC operating agreements
  • Corporation bylaws
  • Meeting minutes
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Business contracts
  • Lease agreements
  • Eviction notices
  • Quitclaim deeds
  • Last wills and testaments
  • Living wills
  • Divorce settlement agreements
  • Child care authorizations
  • Business plans


Statement of Information

Rocket Lawyer offers guidance on the necessity of filing a Statement of Information, encompassing both Initial Reports and Annual Reports, while also handling the filing process. These documents are pivotal for maintaining favorable standing with the state.

Fictitious Business Name/DBA

For entities aiming to operate under an alternate official name, Rocket Lawyer’s services encompass the filing process for DBAs (Doing Business As). Fees for this service commence at $99, a price point congruent with competitors.

Articles of Amendment

Updating information within official formation documents necessitates the filing of Articles of Amendment. Rocket Lawyer extends this service for $119.95, excluding state fees. This pricing, although slightly elevated compared to some competitors, such as MyCompanyWorks, Swyft Filings, and IncFile with starting fees of $99+ for equivalent services, remains within the higher range.

Articles of Dissolution

In contrast to numerous LLC service providers that focus on commencing businesses, Rocket Lawyer facilitates legal dissolution of companies, circumventing penalties and taxes linked to inactive businesses. By providing a few essential details, a pricing quote can be obtained. Feedback from Rocket Lawyer reviews suggests that customers seek upfront pricing information. Across the industry, basic filing service fees with standard processing times vary from $99 to $149 (excluding state fees).

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Trademark Registration

Rocket Lawyer distinguishes itself by offering both business formation and trademark registration services. The company tailors trademark packages to suit diverse needs, spanning basic plans to comprehensive packages that encompass consultations with trademark attorneys and expedited service. The firm’s pricing for trademark registration is customized, necessitating the completion of a personal details form to receive a quote within 24 hours. Potential users seeking readily available information may find this aspect lacking.

Electronic Signature Feature

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the ESIGN Act, which sanctioned electronic signatures, Rocket Lawyer offers its Rocket Sign tool for a limited time, allowing users to upload and secure documents for convenient access, and legally-binding digital signatures.

Legal Consultations Research for this Rocket Lawyer review reveals that the company uniquely connects clients with a network of affordable attorneys in the business formation arena. Access to these services, coupled with discounted rates, is attainable through enrollment in the $39.99/month premium membership. In comparison, LegalZoom, a major competitor, offers attorney advice and related features through subscription plans, with annual membership priced at a slightly lower rate of $31.25/month, and a six-month subscription at $36.

Rocket Lawyer’s premium plan enables clients to seek advice from real attorneys, either through the platform for legal queries or by scheduling 30-minute consultations for new legal matters. This feature has garnered commendation in Rocket Lawyer reviews. The membership entails limitless access to the legal forms repository, facilitating the creation of personalized documents online. Premium membership comprises one free incorporation, as well as exclusive discounts on other services. Although comprehensive pricing details are available, the premium membership emerges as an appealing choice for small business owners and individuals in need of ongoing legal assistance.


Effortless Online Business Formation Procedure

The Rocket Lawyer incorporation procedure, slightly elongated in comparison to many alternatives barring LegalZoom, initiates with a series of inquiries related to the business’s particulars, including name, address, primary contacts, and members.

Upsell offers for Rocket Lawyer’s registered agent, EIN registration, LLC/Corporate kit, and seal are then presented. Although all these services are valuable for new business owners, feedback from Rocket Lawyer reviews underscores the need for a more streamlined presentation. Notably, IncFile effectively showcases all available features, services, and formation packages on a single page, enhancing user convenience. In the case of Rocket Lawyer, pricing options emerge only at the conclusion of the session.

The company establishes a dedicated page to neatly organize gathered information, allowing users to review their responses and make alterations as necessary. Unlike competitors who package various features and services, Rocket Lawyer diverges by providing the option of either subscribing to the premium membership or paying a flat filing fee for the service. Critical Rocket Lawyer reviews pinpoint the preference for upfront pricing, enabling individuals to gauge the cost without committing substantial time.

Once an option is selected, payment information is entered, and confirmation of purchase is undertaken. The process is well-guided, though the multiple windows utilized rather than a single page structure might extend the process to more than 10 minutes.


Distinct Turnaround Times for Each State

While Rocket Lawyer refrains from disclosing internal processing times, it delivers a comprehensive estimate of the total turnaround period based on the specific formation state. Insight from Rocket Lawyer reviews underscores the appreciation of clients for accurate standard and rush time projections based on each state’s regulations. Clients can opt for a standard processing time, accompanied solely by government fees, or a pricier rush filing alternative, necessitating expedited processing fees in addition to state fees. These Rocket Lawyer fees and timing estimates vary by state, with expedited service not uniformly available.

Competitors pledging uniform timeframes regardless of the selected state occasionally fall short, given substantial fluctuations in turnaround times. Some states expedite business formation within 1-2 business days under the rush filing option, while others extend processing times to over a month for application approval. In-depth investigation for this Rocket Lawyer review confirms that the company’s turnaround times align with industry standards.


Exemplary Customer Service

Rocket Lawyer offers contact options including phone, email, and live chat, with support available from 6 AM to 6 PM PT, Monday through Friday, extending beyond conventional business hours. The Rocket Lawyer phone number is (877) 881-0947, and customer inquiries can also be channeled through the website’s contact form or live chat function.

The company boasts an abundance of customer feedback across various review platforms. Among 2,038 Trustpilot reviews, 95% laud their experience as excellent or great. Similarly, SiteJabber aggregates 1,211 reviews, with 96% portraying a positive sentiment. Exceptional customer service and platform ease contribute to the majority of these positive Rocket Lawyer reviews.

Clients appreciate the ability to converse with live representatives without navigating through convoluted phone systems or enduring extended wait times. Representatives are depicted as knowledgeable and courteous, dedicating ample time to address each customer’s inquiries. Critiques, however, highlight instances where the focus seemed centered on closing sales rather than addressing queries.

Emails receive responses within one business day, while the chat support yields prompt assistance. A representative is generally available mere minutes after submitting the contact form. The chat support team, however, often directs customers to specific department contact numbers. A slight inclination toward phone communication is evident, with email support often advising users to call a designated number. Addressing Rocket Lawyer reviews that highlight concerns over automatic charges post-trial, the company typically responds to negative feedback, either offering further discussion or issuing refunds. In contrast, Rocket Lawyer competitors like LegalZoom tend to score lower in customer satisfaction and less frequently address dissatisfied users’ concerns. Overall, the company demonstrates strong customer support backed by numerous positive reviews.

Incorporation Freedom and Premium Member Exclusive Discounts Rocket Lawyer diverges from the standard business formation model, presenting an alternative approach. While competitors often bundle essentials and add-ons across multiple packages, Rocket Lawyer’s pricing entails two distinct options: membership and non-membership.


Pricing for Non-Members

Non-members can access the following:

Preparation and filing of Articles of Organization Business name availability search The cost for non-members is notably high, with a flat fee of $99.99 (excluding state fees) for filing applications. A thorough assessment for this Rocket Lawyer review confirms that this rate significantly surpasses the majority of well-known LLC formation providers. Northwest Registered Agent stands as an exception, charging a similar $100 filing fee while bolstering its offering with personalized customer service. This pricing structure seems disproportionately elevated for basic filing assistance, especially when viewed alongside competitors like IncFile, which offers free filing services coupled with a year of complimentary registered agent service.

Legal Membership Pricing Rocket Lawyer’s legal plan introduces one free incorporation and a 25% discount for additional business formation filings, deemed an appealing proposition by Rocket Lawyer reviews. The ongoing legal assistance is priced at $39.99/month, slightly surpassing similar plans from competitors. This premium membership affords access to a comprehensive spectrum of legal services, either included in the plan or available at discounted rates. The package encompasses:

Access to an extensive legal library, facilitating the creation of unlimited personalized documents across varied domains Document defense — attorney review of generated documents Free electronic signature tool Unlimited 30-minute attorney consultations for new legal matters Inquiry submissions to real attorneys (up to 600 characters) Up to 40% discounts for engagements with Rocket Lawyer On Call attorneys One complimentary Rocket Lawyer incorporation for new members 25% discount on future formation filings 25% discount on Rocket Lawyer’s registered agent service The premium subscription can be evaluated through a seven-day trial, enabling the creation of a document from the legal library, asking a legal question, and initiating business formation — all free of charge. A salient point to remember is that failure to subscribe to the premium membership renders Rocket Lawyer customer service inaccessible after the trial period concludes.

Rocket Lawyer’s membership pricing and benefits offer superior value compared to standalone service orders. For instance, inquiring as a non-member costs $49.99 per question and $59.99 per consultation, whereas the online legal form builder charges $39.99 per document for non-members. Attorney review incurs an additional fee of $9.99 per document. A discounted registered agent service fee of $111.99/year is accessible to members, aligning with industry standards. Collectively, Rocket Lawyer’s pricing model incentivizes opting for the premium membership, delivering an extensive suite of services at an attractive rate. In contrast, procuring individual services outside the membership umbrella may appear overpriced given the limited scope.

Is Rocket Lawyer Truly Free?

Rocket Lawyer extends one free business incorporation opportunity for members, accessible even within the seven-day free trial. Nonetheless, exclusivity to Rocket Lawyer customer service following the trial requires enrollment in the premium plan, necessitating payment information. Without cancellation before the trial’s conclusion, automatic charges will be instituted. Subscription to the premium membership secures one complimentary incorporation.


Are Rocket Lawyer Forms Truly Free?

Legal forms within Rocket Lawyer’s repository are free for members. The company’s expansive library features diverse legal forms, all customizable to specific circumstances using the online legal document builder. Users can generate numerous documents and contracts, electronically sign them for free, and store them securely on their accounts. Highly regarded within Rocket Lawyer reviews, this repository is accessible to active members.

Bearing in mind that membership requires a $39.99/month payment, the accessibility of forms is contingent on an ongoing subscription. Even if membership is canceled, all previously created documents remain accessible through the user’s online account. Non-members, however, are charged $39.99 per document, a premium rate when compared to the inclusive suite of services available through the membership..

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Are Rocket Lawyer Forms Legally Valid?

A pressing question addressed in Rocket Lawyer reviews pertains to the legal validity of the documents offered. In the company’s own words:

“Yes. When you complete a document interview, our software will build a document that is tailored to your state and situation. Be sure to review the Next Steps as outlined in the Legal Checklist to get additional information about how to make your document legally binding in your state. Next Steps may include instructions for signing, finding witnesses, filing, and notarization.”

It is crucial to acknowledge that Rocket Lawyer’s legal document service does not serve as a substitute for professional legal counsel. The company provides self-guided services, functioning as an intermediary and offering access to an extensive network of attorneys specializing in diverse domains. This approach empowers users to seek guidance and consultations, with premium members availing of exclusive discounts.


How Can I Cancel Rocket Lawyer?

Experience from this Rocket Lawyer review confirms that the free trial or premium membership can be canceled at any point. The company provides a straightforward guide for self-cancellation through the online account:


Log in to the account

Access the Dashboard

Click ‘Account settings’ in the upper-right corner below the user’s name Within the Current Plan section, select ‘Cancel’ to downgrade the account and terminate the trial, eliminating subsequent charges An important note: unless this action is taken, automatic monthly charges will proceed, even for those who only utilized the free trial for evaluation. Negative feedback within Rocket Lawyer reviews highlights concerns over automated charges; however, the company consistently responds to these concerns, frequently offering refunds to users who missed the cancellation window. If any challenges arise during cancellation, users are advised to contact Rocket Lawyer’s customer support.

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Final Conclusion

Rocket Lawyer transcends conventional incorporation service offerings, manifesting as a comprehensive online legal assistance provider. Notably, the company’s premium membership unfolds as a means to access ongoing legal support at an attractive cost. On the contrary, critiques surface regarding the relatively steep price of non-member business formation.

Opting for the premium membership brings forth a distinct advantage: one free incorporation. Diverging from competitors who bundle numerous features and services, Rocket Lawyer’s non-member pricing structure appears disproportionately high, chiefly offering filing assistance without the inclusion of bundled features.

For those requiring continuous legal support, Rocket Lawyer effectively navigates diverse legal challenges via an accessible network of skilled attorneys. Rocket Lawyer reviews commend the company’s efficient customer service, consistently providing premium assistance. Consequently, the premium membership emerges as a pragmatic choice, rendering the monthly subscription fee well worthwhile for ongoing legal assistance seekers.

Although its incorporation procedure may take longer than alternatives such as LegalZoom, Rocket Lawyer boasts a well-structured and guided process. Presentation of pricing options, however, might be further optimized to enhance user experience. The turnaround times align with industry standards, with state-specific variations impacting the total processing duration.

Ultimately, Rocket Lawyer’s unique approach to business formation, coupled with its premium membership offering, positions it as an appealing option. Its customer-centric focus, superior customer support, and membership advantages make it a considerable contender for those seeking accessible and comprehensive legal assistance.