GrowTal Review: An Honest, Expert Opinion [2023 Update]

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital marketing, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for businesses aiming to expand their online presence. Influencer marketing has emerged as a powerful strategy to connect with audiences authentically. GrowTal, a prominent player in the influencer marketing space, offers a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to harness the potential of virtual influencers and characters.

What is GrowTal?

GrowTal is an influencer marketing platform that specializes in connecting businesses with virtual influencers and characters. Unlike traditional influencer marketing, which often involves collaborating with real individuals, GrowTal focuses on leveraging the popularity and engagement potential of digital personas.

GrowTal distinguishes itself by specializing in virtual influencers. These digital personalities offer a fresh and imaginative approach to influencer marketing, tapping into the growing fascination with virtual characters.

A Decent Alternative to Traditional Digital Marketing Agencies

GrowTal isn’t the cheapest or most flexible choice for hiring marketing experts. That said, the community’s still growing, and you can hire some highly talented individuals in several digital marketing fields (UX design, email marketing, SEO, and social media marketing).

If anything, GrowTal feels and works more like a traditional digital marketing agency than a modern freelance website. You fill out a form, and GrowTal’s team handpicks a couple of freelancers for you. It’s then up to you to consider your options and make a sensible choice.

Since you can’t directly access the platform’s talent pool yourself, there’s also an element of luck to the whole process – which isn’t ideal. Can you trust GrowTal to match you with the most capable expert? Sure, all freelancers pass specific assessments, but they’re not vetted as rigorously as the platform’s high price tag suggests. Fortunately, you can always request to hire someone else if you’re not 100% satisfied with your freelancer’s work.

GrowTal’s hiring procedure is relatively straightforward but somewhat slow – especially if you’re used to hiring people through Fiverr and getting things done in an instant. However, if you don’t want to deal with traditional marketing agencies and don’t mind paying a premium, GrowTal might work for you. Read on to find out if that’s the case.


GrowTal’s Expert Marketers Don’t Come Cheap – But They Deliver

GrowTal is designed with growing businesses in mind. If you can handle the cost, chances are you’ll find the right professional for the job. The hiring process is relatively easy, all freelancers working on the platform are tested, and there are many marketing categories to choose from.

Marketing Experts for All Kinds of Jobs

GrowTal marketing experts list

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From SEO consultants to UX designers and Google Ads specialists, GrowTal has the talent needed to get things done. Full-time hiring is common on the platform, so you can hire experts in demanding roles often missing from other freelance platforms (e.g., interim CMOs, full-stack marketers).

GrowTal also operates its own freelance creative studio, known as “Creative on Demand.” It’s worth noting that, like with most of the platform’s services, these creatives aren’t meant for small businesses. The homepage lists partnerships with giants (e.g., Nissan, Nike, Meta, NBC), and some budgets of featured projects exceeded $80,000.

Multi-Step Screening Process

GrowTal takes pride in its rigorous vetting process. It handpicks potential candidates based on their experience and credentials. Before joining the platform’s growing network, freelancers must pass several assessments that put their skills and services to the test.

That is excellent news, especially for teams unwilling to compromise on quality. You might have to pay a premium, but at least you know you’ll only be dealing with experienced professionals.*

*There’s a somewhat worrying line in GrowTal’s Terms and Conditions: “While GrowTal may conduct an initial Assessment, it does not verify any information provided by users and does not vet or otherwise perform background checks on Freelancers or Clients.”

I’m not an expert in legal jargon, but I get the feeling GrowTal’s attempting to have it both ways. It advertises its rigorous vetting procedures as its main differentiating factor, but, at the same time, it’s not legally required to vet freelancers – something to consider before you get started.

No Commitments

Despite all the tests and assessments, you can’t know how well someone will fit into your team until after you’ve worked with them. GrowTal doesn’t offer many choices initially, but it at least makes it easy for clients to switch freelancers.

While you’re required to pay a $500 deposit to hire freelancers through GrowTal, you don’t need to commit to your match if you’re not 100% satisfied with their work. You simply communicate your worries to the GrowTal team, and they quickly find a replacement.

As long as you don’t have any outstanding payments, you can also get your deposit back if and when you decide to leave the platform.

Custom Teams

Custom teams can benefit directors managing large projects under tight deadlines. Suppose you’re just about to launch a new website, but half of your marketing team decided to take their annual leave at the same time. Given the short notice, turning to a traditional digital marketing agency would be too expensive.

In cases like this, GrowTal can help you fill gaps quickly. Taking your project’s scale and specific requirements into account, its team can connect you with the right paid media specialists, email marketers, and creative writers. If you’re hiring multiple people at once, you can save quite a bit by purchasing one of the Accelerator Packages.

Accelerator Packages

If you need help with a specific project (and you’re not necessarily looking to hire individuals), GrowTal’s Accelerator Packages are worth considering. Although not cheap, their prices are fixed, making it much easier to calculate costs and stay on budget.

There are over 50 bundles to choose from, including strategy consultations, SEO audits, social media content support, ad setup, and more.

GrowTal Features at a Glance

Signup fee  ($500 refundable deposit)
Transaction fee  (but with 30% commission on top of your freelancer’s set rate)
Money-back guarantee
24/7 support
Conflict resolution (but you can easily switch hires)

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How much does GrowTal cost?

GrowTal can get quite expensive. Although you don’t have to pay fees to access the platform, you can’t escape the (refundable) $500 deposit fee required to hire your first expert marketer. Since you’re hiring experts in their respective fields, you should expect to pay a premium for their services. Unfortunately, GrowTal charges a hefty 30% commission fee on top of each freelancer’s rate – more than the industry standard.

Key Features:

  1. Virtual Influencer Discovery:
    • GrowTal provides businesses with a robust search and discovery tool to find virtual influencers that align with their brand and target audience.
    • The platform’s algorithm takes into account various factors, including engagement rates, niche relevance, and audience demographics, to match businesses with the most suitable virtual influencers.
  2. Campaign Management:
    • Once businesses have identified potential virtual influencers, GrowTal streamlines the campaign management process. It offers tools for setting up, monitoring, and optimizing influencer marketing campaigns across multiple platforms.
    • Users can easily collaborate with virtual influencers, manage content, and track the performance of their campaigns in real-time.
  3. Analytics and Reporting:
    • GrowTal emphasizes the importance of data-driven decision-making. The platform provides detailed analytics and reporting features, offering insights into the reach, engagement, and impact of influencer marketing efforts.
    • Businesses can measure the ROI of their campaigns and make informed adjustments to enhance their future influencer marketing strategies.
  4. Audience Targeting:
    • With GrowTal, businesses can precisely target their desired audience. The platform allows users to filter virtual influencers based on audience demographics, ensuring that campaigns reach the most relevant and receptive audience.

Pros of Using GrowTal:

  1. Access to Virtual Influencers:
    • GrowTal opens up a new realm of possibilities by connecting businesses with virtual influencers and characters, enabling them to tap into unique and creative marketing approaches.
  2. Efficient Campaign Management:
    • The platform simplifies the influencer marketing workflow, making it easy for businesses to create, manage, and optimize campaigns without the complexity often associated with traditional influencer marketing.
  3. Data-Driven Decision Making:
    • GrowTal’s emphasis on analytics empowers businesses to make strategic decisions based on real-time data. This ensures that marketing efforts are aligned with business goals and yield tangible results.

Cons of Using GrowTal:

  1. Limited to Virtual Influencers:
    • While GrowTal excels in the virtual influencer space, businesses looking to collaborate with real individuals may find the platform’s focus limiting.


In conclusion, GrowTal emerges as a pioneering platform in the influencer marketing landscape, offering businesses the opportunity to explore the untapped potential of virtual influencers. With its user-friendly interface, powerful discovery tools, and data-driven approach, GrowTal provides a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to elevate their influencer marketing strategies in the digital age. As the virtual influencer trend continues to gain momentum, GrowTal stands out as a forward-thinking platform, empowering businesses to connect with audiences in innovative and engaging ways.