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4.5/5Overall Score

We had one of our resident hosting experts, sign up for a Contabo account and take it for a spin. Below are Thitraapp’s ratings of the Contabo experience, broken down by the types of hosting Contabo offers.

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  • Web Hosting: $4.68 - ‎$15.65
  • VPS: $6.24 - ‎$42.29
  • Dedicated Server: $78.32 - ‎$172
  • - Reliable virtual private servers
  • - NVMe technology
  • - Affordable object storage solutions
  • - Good customer service and uptime
  • - Data centers in four continents
  • - Over 19 years in business
  • - Seamless integration of Windows with servers
  • - Eco-friendly hosting platform
  • - Speedy servers and ports
  • - Self-owned data centers
  • - Easy to use
  • - Award-winning provider
  • - Tenable security
  • - No one-click installer in its most basic plan
  • - Old-fashioned appearance
  • - Relatively low annual mean uptime of 95%

Contabo Prices & Plans – 2023

Contabo’s favorable pricing scheme is its main forte. One recurrent term in the provider’s customer reviews is “affordability”. After making my findings, I discovered that Contabo’s web hosting services were indeed very cheap compared to its competitors. The provider offers shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud VDS, and dedicated servers. It also provides a 14-day money-back guarantee and accepts payment via PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Shared Hosting

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Email Addresses Price
Webspace Package M 50 GB Unlimited cPanel 1000 $3.99/month
Webspace Package L 100 GB Unlimited cPanel 2000 $6.99/month
Webspace XL 250 GB Unlimited cPanel 5000 $10.99/month
Webspace Package XXL 500 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $12.99/month

Contabo’s shared hosting service is suitable for individuals who require simple and inexpensive hosting solutions for their websites. Each plan comes with free domains and SSL certificates, DDoS protection, PHP support, PhPMyAdmin, unlimited bandwidth, and cPanel. If you intend to start out with your first website, I recommend you choose the Webspace Package L plan as it is cheap ($6.99/month), has sufficient server resources and databases, and includes a one-click installer.

Tip: If you are new to web hosting, want to host a simple website, or desire an economical web hosting service, shared hosting would be your best option.

VPS Hosting

Plan Name Space Traffic/Port Speed RAM Number of CPU Cores Price
Cloud VPS S 50 GB NVMe or 200 GB SSD 32 TB Traffic 8 GB 4 vCPU $8.49/month
Cloud VPS M 100 GB NVMe or 400 GB SSD 32 TB Traffic 16 GB 6 vCPU $13.99/month
Cloud VPS L 200 GB NVMe or 800 GB SSD 32 TB Traffic 30 GB 8 vCPU $22.99/month
Cloud VPS XL 400 GB NVMe or 1.6 TB SSD 32 TB Traffic 60 GB 10 vCPU $40.49/month
Storage VPS S 400 GB SSD 32 TB Traffic200 Mbit/s Port 4 GB 2 vCPU $8.49/month
Storage VPS M 800 GB SSD 32 TB Traffic400 Mbit/s Port 8 GB 4 vCPU $13.99/month
Storage VPS L 1.6 TB SSD 32 TB Traffic600 Mbit/s Port 16 GB 6 vCPU $22.99/month
Storage VPS XL 3.2 TB SSD 32 TB Traffic1 Gbit/s Port 32 GB 8 vCPU $40.49/month

Contabo’s virtual private servers are more sophisticated than its shared hosting plans because they offer guaranteed server resources. The web host offers both cloud and storage VPS, with both featuring 32 TB of traffic, private networking, constant DDoS protection, API, CLI, developer features, and DNS management. However, the cloud VPS plans present NVMe technology, while the storage VPS plans prioritize SSD storage capacity. If you need a speedy and inexpensive VPS plan with abundant server resources, I would suggest that you try Contabo’s Storage VPS L plan.

Tip: If you need an NVMe-powered SSD disk and efficient cloud-based VPS services, you should go for a Cloud VPS plan. But, if you prefer a large storage space with rapid port speed, it is better to choose a Storage VPS plan.

Cloud VDS Hosting

Plan Name Space Traffic/Port Speed RAM Number of Cores Price
Cloud VDS S 180 GB NVMe 32 TB Traffic250 Mbit/s Port 24 GB 3 $57.99/month
Cloud VDS M 240 GB NVMe 32 TB Traffic500 Mbit/s Port 32 GB 4 $68.99/month
Cloud VDS L 360 GB NVMe 32 TB Traffic750 Mbit/s Port 48 GB 6 $103.99/month
Cloud VDS XL 480 GB NVMe 32 TB Traffic1 Gbit/s Port 64 GB 8 $137.99/month
Cloud VDS XXL 720 GB NVMe 32 TB Traffic1 Gbit/s Port 96 GB 12 $194.99/month

Contabo’s cloud VDS (virtual dedicated servers) service is a hybrid of its cloud VPS and dedicated servers. Each VDS plan comes with private networking, dedicated server resources, Enterprise-level NVMe SSD storage, 32 TB Traffic, API, CLI, and dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. If you want budget-friendly access to dedicated server resources, NVMe, and a speedy virtual private cloud, I recommend the Cloud VDS M plan.

Tip: If you have been hosting your website with virtual private servers and wish to use dedicated resources while retaining access to private networking, it would be helpful to choose a cloud VDS plan.

Dedicated Servers

Plan Name Space Traffic/Port Speed RAM Number of Cores Price
Cloud VDS XL 480 GB NVMe 32 TB Traffic1 Gbit/s Port 64 GB 8 $137.99/month
Intel10-Core 256 GB REG ECC 32 TB Traffic1 Gbit/s Port 10 $164.99/month
Intel Dual 10-Core 256 GB REG ECC 32 TB Traffic1 Gbit/s Port 20 $194.99/month
AMD EPYC 16 Cores 256 GB REG ECC 32 TB Traffic1 Gbit/s Port Up to 512 GB 16 $249.99/month
AMD EPYC 32 Cores 256 GB REG ECC 32 TB Traffic1 Gbit/s Port Up to 2 TB RAM 32 $329.99/month

Contabo’s dedicated servers are a more advanced hosting type than its cloud VDS, featuring bare metal, 100% dedicated resource allocation, and individual hardware configuration. All plans present 32 TB traffic, remote management, web UI, always-on DDoS protection, and DNS management. If you seek a cost-effective immediate upgrade from cloud VDS and extra CPU cores, I suggest you purchase an Intel Dual 10-Core plan.

Tip: If your website requires significant processing power and load handling, choose a dedicated server plan with an AMD processor. However, if you need a relatively low-cost high-performance CPU, choose a plan with an Intel processor.


Some common web hosting tools and features that come with Contabo include:

  • cPanel control panel
  • Softaculous
  • PHP support
  • Ubuntu and Windows operating system
  • API
  • Developer features
  • IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  • DDoS protection
  • Plesk
  • SSL certificates
  • MySQL databases.
Unique Feature: Unlike some providers, Contabo provides a unique drag-and-drop web UI for managing accounts and cloud services.
Final: Contabo- Reviews By Customers & Web Hosting Experts



Contabo is a reasonable web host when it comes to performance. In terms of speed, Contabo recorded favorable response times ranging from 36 ms to 384 ms when tested for five different locations (Dallas, London, Seattle, Tel Aviv, and Hong Kong). The fastest response time was in Dallas and the slowest was in Hong Kong. My server location was in the US, so the proximity may have influenced my result.

Its page loading times are also impressive with consistently quick load times of around 2-3 seconds. However, the provider recedes in uptime with an annual mean availability of 95% globally.


Level of Support

Contabo offers fairly good customer service accessible via phone calls, email, support tickets, and its self-help/FAQ section (knowledge base). However, the provider does not provide live chat support.

Phone Support

Contabo’s technical agents can be reached via phone from 10 am to 8 pm CET (UTC+1) from Monday to Friday. The service team is helpful and strictly adheres to its period of operation. I tried putting a call across to the agents around 6 am to no avail but was able to reach them by 11 am. Fortunately, they don’t charge extra fees for phone support.

Final: Contabo- Reviews By Customers & Web Hosting Experts

Email Support / Support Tickets

Contabo does not clearly specify its email support’s opening and response times. I sent an email to the support team but was informed that they had received a high number of emails from their customers. So, I was redirected to fill out a support ticket form and wait for a response. I got a response after 3 hours, although it was not helpful.

Final: Contabo- Reviews By Customers & Web Hosting Experts