The Truth About Justanswer: an Objective Review

The Truth About Justanswer: an Objective Review

As you consider using an online question and answer service to get advice, you want an honest, objective evaluation of the options. JustAnswer is one of the most well-known Q&A marketplaces, connecting people who need answers to those with expertise and knowledge in a wide range of topics. However, before you post your first question or pay for a subscription, you should go in with realistic expectations about the pros and cons of the service. This review will provide an impartial analysis of JustAnswer based on firsthand experience using the platform as both an expert and a customer. You’ll learn how the service works, the types of answers and responders you can expect, the costs, and whether it’s worth your time and money based on your needs. With transparency and candor, here is the truth about JustAnswer.


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What Is Justanswer? An Overview of the Service

What Is Justanswer? An Overview of the Service

Justanswer is an online question and answer service. Users can ask any question on the platform and receive answers from verified Experts in various fields of knowledge and expertise.

The service has been operating since 2003 and provides responses to millions of questions annually in over 100 categories ranging from legal and medical advice to auto repair and tech support. Questions are answered by independent contractors with verified credentials and experience in their respective fields.

To use Justanswer, you simply post your question on their website or mobile app and select an Expert category that matches your need. Experts who specialize in that area will then provide answers to your question. You can ask follow up questions and engage in a conversation to get clarification. Answers are provided anonymously to protect privacy.

Once you receive an answer that satisfies your question, you have the option to rate your Expert and tip them for their time. Tipping is not required but is greatly appreciated by Experts. The service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide quick access to information and advice when you need it most.

Justanswer aims to connect people with vetted industry professionals in an affordable, convenient way. However, it does have some downsides to consider before using the service:

• Advice should not replace an in-person consultation for serious medical, legal or financial matters. Always seek professional help for urgent or complex situations.

• Information may not be fully researched or customized to your unique circumstances. Take answers as general guidance only.

• There are no guarantees Experts are who they claim to be or have the experience they list. Be wary of advice that seems off.

• Privacy policies may allow your personal information and question details to be shared with third parties. Make sure you understand how your data may be used before posting sensitive questions.

In summary, Justanswer can be a useful resource for basic questions and quick access to information from a variety of fields. But for any serious or complex issues, it should not be relied upon as a substitute for in-person professional advice. Use your best judgment and proceed with caution.


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How Does Justanswer Work? The Question and Answering Process

How Does Justanswer Work? The Question and Answering Process

Justanswer is an online question and answer service. Once you submit a question, it is directed to experts in the appropriate category. The expert will then provide an answer for you. This typically takes anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours, depending on the complexity of the question and the expert’s availability.

  1. Submit Your Question. You submit your question on the Justanswer website by selecting a category that matches the topic and providing details about your question. Be sure to provide as much context and background as possible to allow the expert to give an informed response.
  2. Your Question is Matched with an Expert. Justanswer has experts in over 150 categories, ranging from legal and medical advice to auto repair and homework help. Your question is directed to an expert in the relevant field. The expert is notified that there is a new question awaiting their response.
  3. The Expert Researches and Responds. The expert will review your question and any details or files you provided. They will then research the issue thoroughly and compose a personalized response. The response aims to directly and comprehensively address your question. Experts on Justanswer go through a vetting process to ensure they have the proper credentials, background, and expertise to provide advice in their categories.
  4. You Receive the Response and Can Ask Follow Up Questions. Once the expert has prepared a response, you will receive a notification. You can then view the response, ask any follow up questions, and engage in a dialog with the expert to gain clarification or additional information. Most follow up questions within 48 hours of the initial response are included at no extra charge.
  5. You Provide Feedback. After receiving your answer, you are asked to rate your experience and provide feedback on the expert who responded to your question. Your feedback helps Justanswer to evaluate experts and ensure a high standard of service. Feedback also allows experts to gain valuable insight into how they can improve in addressing customer needs.


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Pros of Using Justanswer: The Benefits

Pros of Using Justanswer: The Benefits

Justanswer is an online question and answer service that provides several advantages for users looking to get advice on a wide range of topics. Some of the major benefits of using Justanswer include:

Access to verified experts. Justanswer has over 12,000 verified experts across 150 categories who can provide knowledgeable answers and advice. These experts are carefully vetted, with many holding advanced degrees and certifications in their fields of expertise.

Fast, convenient responses. Questions submitted to Justanswer are typically answered within minutes to a few hours, depending on the complexity. This allows you to get the information you need promptly without having to schedule an appointment or wait days for a response. The online Q&A format is also very convenient, as you can ask and receive answers via your mobile device or computer anytime.

Affordable, flexible pricing. Justanswer operates on a pay-as-you-go model with no subscription fees. You are only charged for the questions you submit and have answered. Pricing starts at around $15 to $30 per question, depending on the expert category. They frequently offer promotional codes for a percentage off your first few questions as well. You have the flexibility to choose if and when you want to use the service based on your needs and budget.

Anonymity and confidentiality. Questions submitted to Justanswer are kept completely anonymous and confidential. Your personal details and identity are not revealed to the experts providing answers. This allows you to ask sensitive or potentially embarrassing questions with peace of mind.

Archived answers. All questions and answers exchanged with an expert on Justanswer are archived indefinitely under your account. You can refer back to the advice and recommendations you have received at any time. Answers that contain private or sensitive information can also be deleted from your archive upon request.

In summary, Justanswer aims to provide a simple, affordable solution for getting expert answers and advice on demand. For many, the benefits of convenience, speed, lower cost, and anonymity make it an attractive alternative to in-person consultations. With access to professionals across so many areas of expertise, Justanswer has the potential to address a wide range of people’s questions and concerns.


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Cons of Using Justanswer: Potential Drawbacks

While Justanswer can be convenient and affordable, there are some potential downsides to be aware of before using the service.

Lack of Verification

Unlike licensed professionals on sites like HealthTap or Talkspace, the experts on Justanswer are not verified or credentialed. Anyone can sign up to answer questions, so there is no guarantee that the advice you receive will be from a qualified professional. Some answers could come from hobbyists or students rather than experts with proper credentials and experience.

Questionable Quality and Accuracy

Because the site has little vetting of experts, the quality and accuracy of answers can vary greatly. Some responses may be well-researched and thoughtful, while others could be off-base or misleading. It can be difficult to determine the reliability of the information without knowing the actual qualifications and expertise of the person answering your question.

Legal Liability Issues

If you follow advice from an unverified expert on Justanswer and experience harm or loss as a result, you likely would have little legal recourse. Licensed professionals and companies carry malpractice insurance and can be held accountable for poor guidance. Justanswer, on the other hand, disclaims all liability for answers provided on the site.

Privacy and Security Concerns

When you post sensitive questions about medical, legal or financial issues on Justanswer, your data and privacy may be at risk. The site’s experts have access to your questions, name, email address and other details. Justanswer’s privacy policy allows them to share personal information with third-party advertisers and service providers. They state that they “cannot guarantee the security of your personal information” and that “no method of transmitting information over the Internet is 100% secure.”

While Justanswer can be a helpful way to get quick input on straightforward questions, for serious or sensitive issues, you may want to speak with properly licensed professionals. Getting advice from unverified strangers on the Internet simply comes with too many risks regarding accuracy, privacy, liability and credentials to rely on them for anything beyond casual questions. For important matters, do thorough research or consult verified experts.

Justanswer Pricing and Plans: Are They Worth It?

Justanswer offers monthly and annual subscription plans for individuals and businesses seeking professional advice and answers to important questions. However, the pricing and value of these plans depends greatly on your specific needs and how often you utilize the service.

Monthly Subscription Plans

For individuals, Justanswer offers three monthly subscription tiers: Basic, Premium, and Elite. The Basic plan starts at $35/month and provides access to veterinarians, mechanics, tech support, and home repair professionals. The Premium plan ($49/month) adds access to medical doctors, lawyers, and CPAs. The Elite plan ($69/month) provides the widest range of expert categories, including psychologists, career coaches, and tutors.

For businesses, Justanswer offers Business and Enterprise subscription plans with pricing dependent on the number of users and questions. These provide all the benefits of the Elite individual plan along with administrative tools, reporting, and concierge support.

Annual Subscription Plans

Justanswer’s annual plans provide cost savings over the monthly options. The annual Basic, Premium, and Elite individual plans are $315, $441, and $621, respectively. Businesses can save up to 30% with an annual Enterprise plan. For individuals and businesses that utilize the service regularly, the annual plans may provide better overall value.

Is Justanswer Worth the Price?

Whether Justanswer’s pricing plans are worth the investment depends on several factors:

•How often do you need professional advice? Occasional users may find better value in pay-per-question options, while frequent users will benefit more from a subscription.

•What types of experts do you need? If you only need advice from a limited set of categories, a lower-tier plan may suit your needs. Those needing a wider range of experts should consider a higher-tier or business plan.

•How quickly do you need answers? Justanswer’s subscription plans provide faster response times, typically within a couple of hours for most questions. Pay-per-question options can take 24 hours or more for a response.

•What is your budget? If cost is a concern, Justanswer’s Basic and pay-per-question options provide good value. Those with more flexibility may appreciate the additional benefits of the higher-tier and business plans.

In summary, while Justanswer offers a range of subscription plans at different price points, the value comes down to determining what level of service and access to experts fits your specific needs and budget. For many individuals and businesses, a thoughtfully chosen Justanswer plan can be well worth the investment.


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Top 5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Justanswer

To maximize the value you receive from the Justanswer service, follow these top tips:

Do Your Research First

Before posting your question, do some research on your own to gather background information. The more context and details you can provide to the expert, the better they will be able to understand your situation and provide a helpful response. Check other public information sources to see if your question has already been answered. If needed, rephrase your question to be as specific as possible.

Choose the Right Expert Category

Justanswer has experts in hundreds of categories. Select the category that best matches your question topic so it will be routed to experts with experience in that field. For health or medical questions, specify if you need a doctor, nurse, or other health professional. For legal questions, indicate if you need an attorney, paralegal or legal assistant. The more precisely you can categorize your question, the higher the likelihood of receiving an informed response.

Provide Additional Details

Don’t just ask a short question and expect the expert to provide a thoughtful, comprehensive answer with no context. Provide details about your specific situation or scenario, without including any personally identifiable information. Explain what you have already tried and what outcomes you have experienced. The expert relies on the information you provide to understand the issue fully and offer advice tailored to your needs. More details lead to better answers.

Rate and Review the Responses

After receiving responses to your question, review the answers provided and rate the experts based on the helpfulness and quality of information. Your ratings and reviews help Justanswer evaluate experts and improve the service. Rate only those experts who provided responses, not the category overall. Please rate respectfully, as experts are volunteering their time to assist you.

Ask Follow Up Questions

If you need clarification or have additional questions related to the expert’s initial response, ask follow up questions. Experts are available to provide further explanation and guidance to ensure you receive the information you need. Use the follow up question option to continue the conversation with the expert until your issue is resolved.

Following these useful tips will optimize your experience with the Justanswer service and allow you to get the most out of the knowledge and expertise available. The key is providing detailed information, choosing the right expert, thoroughly evaluating the responses, and asking follow up questions as needed. Justanswer aims to connect you with the information you seek as efficiently as possible.


JustAnswer Membership: Your network of experts

Justanswer Review FAQs: Answers to Common Questions

As with any service, Justanswer has its pros and cons. Here are some commonly asked questions and answers to help you determine if Justanswer is right for you.

How much does Justanswer cost?

Justanswer offers a few pricing options:

  • Pay per question: $5 to $49 per question depending on category.
  • Monthly membership: $19 to $39 per month for 10 to 30 questions per month. Additional questions cost $5 to $15 each.
  • Annual membership: $99 to $299 per year for 50 to 300 questions. Additional questions are $3 to $10 each.

Memberships offer better rates and discounts for repeat customers or high-volume users. Justanswer accepts all major credit cards and PayPal.

How quickly can I expect a response?

Response times vary depending on the category and expert availability. Most questions receive an initial response within a few minutes to a couple of hours. Complex questions may take 6 to 12 hours for a comprehensive response. Justanswer aims for most questions to receive a response within 24 hours on weekdays. Weekend response times may be slightly slower.

Are the experts credible and trustworthy?

Justanswer conducts background checks on all experts and requires them to have proper certifications and licenses in their fields of expertise. However, as with any online service, there is an element of trust involved. Experts offer advice to the best of their knowledge and abilities, but there is always a risk of incorrect or irresponsible information. It is best to consider advice from Justanswer experts as merely guidance, and double check any information before taking serious actions.

Can I request a specific expert?

Yes, once you receive a satisfactory response from an expert, you can request them for follow-up questions or future questions in the same category. Build a relationship with experts you connect with and trust. Their familiarity with your situation will allow them to provide the best advice tailored to your needs.

Is my information kept private and confidential?

Justanswer has strict policies to protect your privacy. Your name, contact details and question contents remain confidential between you and the expert(s) assisting you. Experts are forbidden from sharing or using your information for any other purpose. However, as with any online communication, there is always a small risk of data breaches beyond Justanswer’s control. Use your best judgment about sharing extremely sensitive information.


In conclusion, Justanswer can be a useful service for getting quick answers to straightforward questions on a range of topics. However, for complex issues, especially medical or legal ones, you should seek advice from licensed professionals in person. While the service aims to provide accurate information from knowledgeable experts, there is no guarantee of expertise or reliability. For important life decisions, do thorough research from reputable sources and consult real-world experts. Justanswer may be convenient, but for serious matters, don’t rely on it as your sole source of truth. Your most prudent choice is to use the service sparingly and judiciously.


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