WPX Hosting Review 2023: Is It Worth Your Investment?

WPX Hosting is a popular managed WordPress host that, beyond great performance, offers a lot of features to save you time and keep your site secure.

WPX is one of the first few WordPress hosting service provider to enable 1-click SSL installation, HTTP/2 & PHP 7.x by default, and the first to introduce high performance SSD disks to all accounts.

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WPX Hosting Review 2023

WPX Hosting is the #1 most trusted hosting on TrustPilot! (Out of a total of 161 hosting companies)

FYI: Hostgator came last, Bluehost came 158th & Godaddy came 143rd.

As a managed WordPress host, WPX Hosting gives you a bunch of features that go beyond just “hosting your site and making it load fast” (though it does that part pretty well, too).

To get you up to speed with everything that WPX Hosting offers, I want to start with a quick overview of the features. Then, I’ll get more hands-on in the following sections.

With WPX Hosting, you get:

  • All the latest technology – PHP 7.X, HTTP/2…it’s all there.
  • Managed security – firewalls and malware scans to keep you safe.
  • Awesome support – 28 second average response time via live chat.
  • Automatic backups – with a 28-day retention policy.
  • Easy staging areas – with one-click migration to live.
  • Free SSL certificate – to keep your data secure.
  • Unlimited free site migrations – WPX Hosting will move all your sites over for you.
  • 99.95% uptime guarantee – it’ll be rare if your site ever goes down.
  • USA and UK hosting locations – choose the one that’s nearest to your audience.
  • Malware fixed for you – if something happens to your site, WPX Hosting will clean it for you.
  • DDoS protection – via the Enterprise-grade Incapsula service.

Now that you know what to expect, let’s go more hands-on…

WPX Hosting Speed & Performance Test

Ok, time to put WPX Hosting to the test! For these performance tests, I’m going to use the actual DigitalGYD website.

When writing hosting reviews, a lot of people will test sites with no content and the default WordPress theme, which isn’t a great representation of a live website.

By using my real site for the test, you should have a better understanding of how WPX Hosting will actually perform in a real-world environment.

Let’s get started…

First, I ran DigitalGYD through Pingdom, where it loaded in 771 ms from the New York City test server:

WPX Hosting loading time test with pingdom
See how fast my site loads (It was 8 seconds on my older host)

Then, to see how quickly WPX Hosting loads for my Canadian friends, I ran it through GTmetrix’s Vancouver test server, where it loaded in 1.9 secondsIt’s normal that GTmetrix is a little higher because of how it calculates page load time:

WPX Hosting speed test with GTMetrix

Ok – so in these one-off tests, WPX Hosting is doing a pretty great job. For USA traffic, I’m well under the one second mark. And it’s not much slower for Canadians.

But what about when there’s some heavier traffic?

To finish things out, I ran DigitalGYD through Load Impact. Load Impact is a neat tool that lets you simulate 50 visitors all visiting at the same time. The goal is to see whether your site loads equally fast for all visitors, or whether it slows down as the number of visitors increases.

As you can see in the graph below, there was zero slowdown in page load times (green line) as the number of visitors increased (blue line) – even that small spike you see is still around 320ms:

WPX Hosting performance test on loadimpact
WPX Hosting performance test with increase in traffic

So what do all these numbers mean?

Basically, WPX Hosting helps your site load fast.

And there’s a reason for that, too. WPX Hosting uses cutting-edge technologies like PHP 7.X and HTTP/2 to make sure nothing slows your site down.

10 WPX Features That Make Them Better Than The Best

1. Custom Hosting Dashboard (No More cPanel!)

If you’re using (or have used) a cheap shared host, you’ve probably had the “pleasure” of using cPanel to manage your hosting.

Ok, cPanel isn’t that bad. But it’s not super user-friendly, especially for non-technical users.

WPX Hosting, on the other hand, gives you a custom dashboard that’s much more logical:

Custom Dashboard. No more cPanel with WPX Hosting
WPX Hosting Custom Dashboard Overview

From the dashboard, you can manage all the important aspects of your site, with none of the confusing options from cPanel.

As I go through some of the specific features below, you’ll see plenty more from this dashboard.

FUN FACT: WPX Hosting recently doubled the bandwidth available to all users, free of cost. When did your current hosting last do it for you?

2. WPX Hosting Security: Free Malware Scans and Enterprise Level DDoS Protection

Because of how popular WordPress is, it’s a popular target for hackers and other malicious actors around the world.

Keeping your site safe and secure can be tough, especially if you’re not a technical user. But with WPX Hosting, you can rest easy because WPX Hosting handles most of your site’s security for you.

You get:

  • Application firewalls – these filter most bad actors before they even get a chance to do something.
  • Daily malware scans – if something gets through the firewall, the malware scan will pick it up.
  • DDoS protection via Incapsula – this protects your site from a distributed denial of service attack (a common tactic). (A service that you otherwise cost you upwards of $299 per month!)

Beyond those proactive security measures, WPX Hosting also offers free malware removal if anything shows up on the malware scans.

As far as I know (& I’ve used a heck-load of them) WPX hosting is the only hosting company that offers free site clean up and restoration if your site gets hacked.

Basically, as long as you keep your WordPress username and password secure, WPX Hosting handles pretty much everything else!

3. WPX Customer Service: Live Chat Responds Within 28 Seconds


The main point of investing in a better hosting is to take the headache off your head…

…so that you focus on what you do the best, i.e., your business!

Right from asking for a custom backup done, to setting up a redirect code or an issue with your site… WPX hosting has got your back covered.

WPX customer service feels like you’ve got a dedicated professional sitting right at the next desk,at your office. Just ask and you get a response.

~ Swadhin Agrawal

Don’t take my word for it… go right now to their homepage and drop a message on the live chat.

Based on independently verified data from LiveChat, WPX Hosting responds in under 28 seconds on average:

WPX Hosting Customer Service Review
WPX Hosting Customer Service Review

Yeah – when you send a message, you get a response in under 30 seconds!

Beyond that, WPX Hosting also offers a Fixed For You guarantee. Basically, if your site ever stops working, WPX Hosting will fix it for you – without making you run through the troubleshooting steps yourself like some hosts do.

Of course, this only applies to hosting issues. WPX Hosting isn’t going to custom code you a plugin or anything, nor should you expect them to.

4. WPX Cloud (Powerful CDN, Free!)

WPX cloud is the world’s fastest CDN service, built from group up by WPX hosting too help users speed up their sites.

Instead of upselling users to get a premium third-party CDN (for an extra charge), WPX hosting built WPX cloud themselves and offer it to all their users (across various plans) for free.

You won’t need any extra CDN services like MaxCDN (they offered this for free when they had not developed the WPX Cloud) or KeyCDN with WPX.

Here are other benefits of WPX Cloud:

  • WPX team regularly tweaks and improves WPX cloud to provide better speed (currently it shows 50%-320% speed improvements depending on site & resources).
  • 100% free of charge for new & existing users.
  • WPX Cloud can handle up to 3X more concurrent traffic.
  • 20+ worldwide locations, meaning smooth loading no matter where your visitors are from.
  • Speed, additional security, & free upgrade to WPX cloud 2.0, to name a few.

Learn More About WPX Cloud ››

5. Automatic Backups With Lengthy 28-Day Storage

Backups are one of those things that every single webmaster needs to handle. But despite how important backups are, you’ll still find lots of webmasters who ignore backups…until their site crashes. Then they really wish they would’ve set up backups!

With WPX Hosting, you’ll never have that feeling because WPX Hosting automatically backs up your site for you every day. Then, it stores those backups for you for 28 days, which is double what most other managed hosts offer.

You can access all of your backups right from your dashboard. And you can also run a manual backup if needed:

WPX Hosting Backup Review
WPX Hosting Backup Review

If you need to restore a backup, you can do that from the interface as well. And there’s also this really neat option that lets you choose between restoring:

  • Your entire website
  • Just your database
Pro Tip: You don’t need to do that yourself, just drop a message and WPX hosting team will get that job of taking backup or restoring done for you, happily.

6. WPX Staging Sites: To Test New Designs Or Updates Safely

Beyond backups, WPX Hosting also gives you another way to keep your site safe and secure:

Easy staging areas.

A staging area is basically an identical copy of your site that’s in a safe sandbox where no one else can access it.

You can use this area to:

  • Test changes to your site, like a new plugin or an update to a plugin
  • Develop a new version of your site in private

Then, once you’ve thoroughly tested the changes, you can copy the staging version of your site to the live version to make it public.

To create a staging area, you just click a button and choose which site you want to stage:

WPX Hosting review: How to create a staging site
WPX Hosting review: How to create a staging site

Then, you can access your staging site from your dashboard. And when you want to make your staging site live, you just click the Merge To Live button:

Using WPX Hosting staging sites
Using WPX Hosting staging sites

7. Free SSL Certificates To Keep Your Site Secure (And Get That Green Padlock)

An SSL certificate is essential for all WordPress sites for two reasons:

  1. Since July 2018, Google Chrome marks all sites without HTTPS as “Not Secure”
  2. An SSL certificate and HTTPS just plain make your site more secure, for both you and your visitors

Despite those benefits, a lot of users still don’t use an SSL certificate because it’s too expensive or too complicated to set up.

With WPX Hosting, neither of those statements is true. You:

  • Get an SSL certificate for free
  • Can install your SSL certificate just by clicking a few buttons
How to install your free SSL on WPX Hosting
How to install your free SSL on WPX Hosting

That way, you can be up and running with HTTPS in no time.


8. 99.95% Uptime Guarantee So Your Site Is Always Available

Every second that your website is down means lost potential. And when it comes to uptime, the little things matter.

Most hosts offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee – WPX Hosting offers a 99.95% guarantee.

Does that extra .05% matter? Yes!

It might seem small, but it’s a big difference.

Let’s do the math…

On average, there are about 43,200 minutes in a month:

  • With another host’s 99.9% uptime guarantee, the maximum amount of time your site can be down in a month is ~432 minutes.
  • With WPX Hosting’s 99.95% uptime guarantee, the maximum amount of time your site can be down in a month is ~216 minutes.

That means a generic 99.9% uptime guarantee can end up costing you an extra 3.5 hours of downtime per month! Doesn’t seem like such a small difference now, does it?

9. WPX Hosting Offers Unlimited Free Site Migrations

If you’re currently hosting somewhere else, you’ll need a way to get your existing WordPress sites onto WPX Hosting.

Like a lot of hosts, WPX Hosting offers free migrations. But here’s what’s noteworthy about WPX Hosting’s migration service:

WPX Hosting offers free unlimited site migrations.

Most other hosts limit you to one or two migrations, so this is generous and really helpful if you have a lot of sites.

Plus, as I always say, it’s good to get help outsourced so you can use those hours saved to grow your business.

10. Legacy Pricing: No Price Increase When You Renew

Finally, WPX Hosting doesn’t play games with its prices.

A lot of hosts will sucker you in with a super low price…but that price only applies to your first billing cycle. After that, they jack up the price – usually to double where it started!

With WPX Hosting, the price you see on the website is what you’ll pay – there are no games.

Speaking of price…

WPX Pricing Review: How Much Does WPX Hosting Cost?

WPX Hosting currently offers three plans. For each plan, you can either pay your hosting bills monthly, or you can get a ~20% WPX hosting discount for paying a year up front.

All the plans include all of the features I showed you above – the only difference is in:

  • The number of websites you can host
  • How much storage space you have
  • How much bandwidth you get

Here are the three plans:

WPX Pricing plans: Is WPX Hosting Worth The Price?
WPX Pricing plans: Is WPX Hosting Worth The Price?

Personally, I host DigitalGYD (and a couple of my sites) on the Business plan.

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WPX Hosting Cons: Just Consider This…

Like I said at the beginning, the fact that I actually host DigitalGYD at WPX Hosting means that I don’t see many cons.

The only reason I might say WPX Hosting isn’t for you is the price. It’s not that WPX Hosting is overpriced. It’s just that, depending on your needs, WPX Hosting might be “too much host” for you.

Personally, I think it’s worth it to pay for the great performance and time-saving features like automatic backups, staging, etc.

But if you’re on a really tight budget, you can still find decent shared hosts that are a bit cheaper – you just might sacrifice a little performance and features.

WPX Hosting vs WPEngine Hosting

WPHosting vs WPEngine vs Hostgator
Here’s a quick table for you showing how WPX hosting compares with other hosting services like WPEngine.

WPX Hosting Review: My Verdict

After reading my WPX Hosting review, I hope you have a better idea of why I made the decision to host DigitalGYD at WPX Hosting.

First off, I love that my site loads in less than one second for most visitors. You just can’t beat fast page load times for offering a great user experience.

And beyond that performance, WPX Hosting also offers tons of other features to keep your site safe and save you time.

The security features, alongside automatic backups and easy SSL and enterprise level DDoS Protection makes sure your site is safe.

The staging area and custom dashboard save me time when I’m working on my site.

And to top things off, the 28 second average response time for live chat means that you can always get help when you need it. Not to mention, the “fixed for you guarantee” where they’ll help you fix your sie with all hosting related issues, hacks etc with no extra cost or upsell.

If you’re interested in getting started, click here to head to WPX Hosting. And remember – WPX Hosting will migrate unlimited websites for you, so the transition should be pretty easy!

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